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Dear sir, Thank you for your reply. I would further like to understand that, can legal heirs of Mr. A can execute a release deed for opting out from the property on behalf of Mr. A also. Further Can the name of Mr. A be deleted from share certificate and the soceity’s record on the basis of this release deed. With best regards. Vandna Arora

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About Us
A flat was purchased by the father i.e. Mr. X in Mumbai after the death of Mr. X the name of two brothers A&B has been incorporated in the share certificate and in the
records of the Society in the year 2011.
Mr. A is married and has a wife and a daughter. Mr. A is residing in Nagpur with his family for the past 30 years and has no intention of moving to Mumbai
Mr. B is also married and has a wife and two daughters and is residing in the flat of Mumbai for the past 40 years
Mr. A is suffering from schizophrenia is incapable of taking any decisions.
Now Mr. B wants to remove Mr. A name from the record of the society and get it in single name of Mr. B.
Wife and daughter of Mr. A has no objection to this matter.

Please suggest what documents should be prepared to file with the society for removal of joint holders name.

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Reserved Car Parking Space and stilt car parking
sir, i have purchased a flat in pune ( I stay in Mumbai ) in the year 2008 from the builder. He had promised a stilt parking with the flat at the time of booking , which would be included in the price , but at the time of possession in 2010 he refused and asked for 1.5 lacs for the stilt parking space , which I did not pay, Now the MC has allotted parking as per the builders allotment letter to all the members who paid the builder . The builder has provided 400 stilt parking for 827 flats . The MC has passed a resolution in the general body that there are 5/6 parking spaces un allotted and those who want them, have to pay Rs 30,000 per year in advance for utilizing the car parking . visitors parking can be used only for 3 days, after which they pay 500 per day. . The members who have been allotted parking slots by the builder, do not pay any money to the society, and no amount is added in maintenance bills.

my Query: Are the other members/tenants not entitled to parking. Can the open spaces be used for parking and be allotted to those, who do not have a stilt parking space, at a nominal charge ? if yes then the process for the same ? how can the society charge such a high rate for parking. what is the legal recourse for this ? if I require your services , do you take up cases in pune ? if not can you suggest son lawyer. lastly do you think I should pay the builder for the parking, if available ?