Comment on About Us by Antony.

Dear Sirs, I have been allotted a parking space and it is part of the agreement with the specific slot mentioned when I bought the flat from the builder in a new housing project. The agreement says 1 Parking Space (but does not mention the number of vehicles to be parked). My car parking slot is such that it lets me park 2 small cars within the Yellow Line marked as the boundary for my parking slot. Thus parking 2 small cars within my slot does not cause any inconvenience to anyone. However my society says I can park only one car in the slot and have suggested I hire another slot for my 2nd car. I needed clarification on whether I am within my exclusive rights to park 2 cars in my allotted Parking Space as I am not inconveniencing any vehicle movement. Does parking space imply only 1 car to be parked? Thanks in anticipation.