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Thankyou for your immediate reply.Our co-op society is in Mumbai suburbs in Thane district we are told that they are unable to conduct the elections now till an order is passed and if the same phase is being continued how long.

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Our society is under Registrar’s rule for the last two years though commitments were made that elections would be held and the managing committee would be reinstated before March 2013 nothing had taken place. Is there any order for not conducting the elections now, do we have to continue like this and how long and another factor is that three administrators are appointed to look after the affairs of the society and they have not taken any remuneration till date, when asked they say when the society is handed over they will take. None of the administrators come to the society only the authority is with them. What would be the remuneration as per the co-op society’s act, please advise.

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Banks Cannot Defame defaulters with Pictures
Sir, I was offered a cash on call loan of Rs.1Lakh by HDFC Bank based on the usage of my credit card with them. I had been told by the tele executive over phone that I am eligible for cash loan without any documents or mortgage. The tenure of the loan was for 48 months and the interest was around 13% reducing. Before me accepting the loan my conditions were that I would not pay any processing fees and I am not in a position to pay start my EMI in the next month. She said okay no processing fees and the first EMI to be paid only in December 2009 and again since I requested her she asked me to hold the line and after consulting her seniors she told me the EMI paying to be done in the month of December only again I asked her is it confirmed she answered yes you need to start paying the EMI only from December 2009. As a result, The cash on call was given credit to my savings account in the month of October 2009, subsequently the amortisation schedule was received and to my surprise the first EMI falls due in November 2009, immediately I called up the customer care of HDFC credit card and informed them about the mistake they said they will look into. As usual the monthly statement as per the billing cycle was received where in it was debited with processing fees and the first EMI was also debited.
I immediately objected and called them also send a mail, they finally reversed the processing fees and the wrong EMI debited was not reversed. This kept on adding and I used to send mails and calls and it lingered on, in the meantime I went on paying the EMI and the transactions I did. When things went worse they send me a letter of regret saying sorry for the inconvenience and would see that such instances would not be repeated. But they haven’t reversed the wrong debit of the EMI billed. In between they put a block on savings account and taken the full balance though I pleaded with them and to the Grievance officer not do so as the mistake of dues occurred out of their mistake. I informed them prior to their actions the repercussions, they did not listen, as a result three of my other payments got bounced due to their unilateral actions, never in my banking history my cheques has been bounced but due to this that also happened. I stopped operating the account and closed it. But kept on paying my EMI till all the payments due has been paid of Rs.129248.67. After this I asked them NO LIABILITY CERTIFICATE which they are not issuing and now asking to pay again Rs.40000/- plus. They have harassed me a lot over phone, sending emissaries or agents for collection not giving peace of mind at all.
Today I received a letter from an advocate calling me for conciliation or face the court of law for the recovery of Rs.40189/-. I seek justice. I am no way a defaulter and has paid the dues in full.