Frequently Asked Questions


Answered by Chief Executive Officer


Raminder Singh Sahota

Q-1: In case of any doubt, who will reply me and carry out any work on my behalf.

Ans-1: Mr. Raminder Singh Sahota, owner and Chief Executive Officer 9810065447

Q-2: We will take Virtual Office and GST, Return filing and also Audit. What rebate you will give ?

Ans-2: We do not give any rebate. All charges are fixed and payable in advance.

Q-3: Can I sit inside the Virtual Office to do my work after taking Virtual Office ?

Ans-3: No. You have to pay for Desk space on hourly (Rs.100/-) or monthly (Rs.2,000/-) for such need.

Q-4: I am having Table Space in your Virtual Office, how many times or hours I can sit in the office ?

Ans-4: You can sit during all working hours. Beyond working hours, charges are double.

Q-5:  Can I legally use Virtual Office as my Registered Office of private limited Co ?

Ans-5: Yes. We give NOC to make it Registered Office of your company.

Q-6: Can so many companies be registered or operate from one Virtual Office ?

Ans-6: Yes. When many persons having different Identity Proof and PAN can reside in one flat, many companies having different Identity Proof and PAN can reside in one office, also.

Q-7: Is there any difference in persons living in one flat and companies operating from one office?

Ans-7: There is no difference because the Company is legally an artificial juridical person.

Q-8: Who shall be held responsible for any legal compliance of my company?

Ans-8:  Only the Company and its Directors. Contact us if any problem.

Q-9: What shall be the responsibilities of the Virtual Office?

Ans-9: The Virtual Office shall give and confirm genuineness of Rent Agreement, NOC & Electricity Bill in addition the Virtual Office shall receive your company’s mail and place your company name, email address, name of signatory director and telephone number at the door of the entrance to Virtual Office as Signage.

Q-10: Will the rent agreement be attested by notary public.

Ans-10: Rent agreement is required to be notarised only when the owner want to make proof of signature of both parties by witnessing it by his/her signature & notarial stamp. But our virtual office owner do not require it.

Q-11: Will the rent agreement be registered with registrar of the area.

Ans-11: All rent agreements above one year period only need to be registered with registrar of the area, to cover the risks of the owner. Therefore, 99.99% agreements are made up to one year only. Rent Agreements above 1 year are required to be registered with Registrar of Delhi Government. If any one need the rent agreement for more than one year period, we will give SPOA to him to get it registered at his own expense.

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  1. Sir, I will be going abroad after 15 days. I will be paying your handling charges of Rs.200/- and please let me know whether you will send my mails in different envelope to my address in US also. I will be very thankful if you could do it for me.

  2. Dear Chandan Kumar ji, We will charge Rs.200/- in addition to Courier charges and this is the rule of our Virtual Office. The mail will certainly be forwarded anywhere in the world permitting the rules of law of that country.

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