Falling of grit wash from outer walls of the building

Falling of grit wash from outer walls of the building

Falling grit wash from walls, roofs and stairs of buildings has become a threat to the lives of residents of Gangotri Apartments. They say that the falling of grit is a very common feature in the pocket and portions of plasters and bricks with rusted rods from balconies falling are often visible here.

Alleging the usage of ‘sub standard material’ while construction of the building, the residents of Gangotri apartments are hankering for renovation of the society. They grumble that portions of balcony roofs, window roofs and terrace fall off every day. Though there has been no mis-happening yet, the cars and bikes get damaged due to falling grit wash, every other day. Henceforth, residents are demanding urgent repairing of the affected blocks and flats from the concerned authority.

“Balconies, walls and staircases have developed big cracks. In some of the balconies, almost all the grit wash has fallen. One can see the rusted iron rods coming out from the walls which are extremely dangerous. Recently, a big portion of staircase fell down near house number 289,” says RWA president, AS Bias.

RWA further says that almost all the flats are affected due to such issues but the problem is frequent in the MIG section and the front row of the society.

Umesh Kalra, RWA general secretary, says, “We have requested both DDA and Municipal Corporation to take the issue seriously. The DDA chief engineer assured that a survey would be done and necessary action would be taken.”

According to RWA, the DDA officials even visited the society but no action has been taken till now. “There are about 450 flats inside the premises, in which there are MIG, LIG and SFS flats. During the construction of the flats, substandard materials were used. On our repeated complaints and follow ups, some of the repairing has been done for namesake. Residents are forced to repair everything at their own expense,” adds Kala.

Meanwhile, DP Singh, DDA chief Engineer, Dwarka said, “The survey of the pocket has been already done. Let me check the status and then the needful would be done.”

In our view: Whether it is a co-operative society or these are DDA flats, falling of grit wash of the buildings is a serious threat to the building. Therefore, immediate action must be planned and executed by the management of the co-operative society or a RWA as the case may be.



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  1. Kanti Karia

    i m already suffer for the same but no action was taken by the managing committee. i also approach & complaint to Registrar also….
    Pls Help me about this..

    Resolution pass in 2011 for Falling of grit wash from windows outer walls of the building. (22 member s was defamed )penalty fine per week Rs 500/- till day not a single Rs was Charged & building Get Repaint 2 times in 15 years , due to defamed of outer walls ..

    Repair Cost contribution to all members equivocally.
    Please Help me About this .ASAP.

  2. We in Maitri apartment are planning to carry out repair to our building grit wash. Can any body advise the repair scheme

    Sohan Lal

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