Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi

Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi

A consumer protection cell has been launched in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Cell gives you free advice to consumers if you are writing your problem on this web site below the page. Besides this you will be able to get all help in knowing your legal rights. The help from the consumer protection is in two ways.


We help to protect the rights of manufacturers and the services providers against any exploitation by any consumer.

If any one is suffering from any such problem, may contact us by leaving a reply below this page.


We help the consumers to protect their all rights for proper after sales services, manufacturing defects and any other problems. We also help consumer for not receiving desired services from the services providers.

If any consumer is suffering from any problem, may contact us by leaving a reply below this page


We provide free services to help the public to know whether a person is a consumer or not a consumer. Whether a person should proceed against the services provider or not. Taking free advice from this web-site will save the money of the public for un-necessary litigation.


(I) CONSUMER FORUM: A consumer forum handles the cases very carefully and a consumer can file the complaint in person or through a Consumer Association or through a Advocate. The verdict is delivered in around 2 years.

(II) STATE COMMISSION: I a consumer or the manufacturer or the services provider feels that the decision of the consumer forum is prejudicial to their interest, he/she can certainly Appeal before the State Commission. The state commission also hears the complaints of high value deals directly.

(III) NATIONAL COMMISSION: If a consumer or the manufacturer or the services provider feels that the decision of the state commission is prejudicial to their interest, he/she or they can certainly Appeal before the National Commission. On the other hand the National Commission also hears the complaints of highest value deals directly.


21 thoughts on “Consumer Protection Cell Dwarka New Delhi”

  1. Sanjeev Kumar Sethi

    I bought 3G Jadoo dongle from sanchaar haat Hari nagar on 24/9/13,Now its nt working properly rather dead. While contact thier Helpline (1503 & 1508) so many times,they are nt responsive & saying no warrenty on it,I fealt cheated & rs.1200/- is compelete waist.Kindly help me.


    a have booked a plot of decent colonizers pvt ltd sector-12 dawarka New Delhi in OMEGA CITY PROJECT in they are not ready to give plot. Can I do legal action on company. Kindy help.

  3. Ajay S. Bhatt

    I am looking for a lawyer, who can represent my case in National Commission. I have won the case in District and Statecommission.

  4. omdutt bhardwaj

    Sir I bought a cooler from local seller in our area he promise me to give bill of that cooler in 2 or 3 days.after some day I demand for that he refuse to give that now there many manufacturing can I complained in consumers court my residence area is h n 134 harijan basti palam village near ramphal chowk in which area court I complained.

  5. i brought a machine from a Bangalore based company ( bharat fritz werner limited) in the month of april 2016. with this machine company gave me 2 years warranty but after 3 month machine start malfunctioning and that i called them and the company told me that( dear sir a part of this machine is damaged and it requires 40 days for replacing this part because we have to import this part from japan.

    i am a small businessman and my all earning is totally depend on this machine, now i have to pay EMI’s, factory rent, employees salary and i am totally disturbed mentally as well as physically.

    dear sir/mam plz tell me what i have to do

    with regards
    sanjeev yadav

  6. NP ghimirey

    AI 880 has miss my trolley bag before two month ..till today I did not found… no any response from AI side….in this include my laptop. gold chain. camera and branded clothes…please help me…

  7. I have invested in a flat in Rajasthan which has not been delivered even after 40 months though it was promised in the agreement document that would be handed over in 42 months. Not even first floor is constructed in the proposed 14 storey complex. Can I ask for refund from the builder based in Haryana. Pl, Guide. In four year I have deposited over Rs 11 lakh to the builder. deepak

  8. Ravinder Kumar

    Complain about the carelessness of the idea staff regarding 349 scheme on my mobile.

    Reverend Sir/ Madam,It is stated you that iam Ravinder Kumar eleven years old customer of idea. In the last of month March may be on 29 i had send a message for portability. Very next day i received a call from idea officer and she offered me a new plan of rupees 349 instead of my going on plan 375. The official description was 1 unlimited calls. 2 roaming free call receing. 3 5gb data.4 3000 massages. All these things were for a month. I got all the things but not 5 gb net data. I received only 100mb. I had calls many time for the resolution of the problem but there is no solution still. On 7th April i complain and the officer of idea committed for the solution on 14th April up to 11:15 am. I didn’t receive any call or massage regarding the complain on due date. I got the call on 23rd April at 4:15. The official didn’t care  of my schedule and told that you received 10 gb data but i didn’t got any. After sometime i got a massage that this service is not for you. Again i complain and i got the new date 29th April. On 24 th i received a call again twice time and mr official said that its the fault of the previous official who didn’t express his views clearly and we feel sorry for that. Sir from 29 March to till the date while writing the mail i had wait for almost a month but there is no perfect resolution from the side of idea officials. It stop my daily routine of net use, there is a lots of frustration and unnecessary problem only due to the irresponsible officials of the idea company. Very soon i would like to lodge a complain in consumer court with lots of call received proofs and massage send by idea. From last eleven years its the worst experience with idea. I hope receiving team of this mail will take an action and resolve my complain.

    With lots of regard and thanks.

    Yours truly

    Ravinder Kumar

  9. Avinashmalhotra

    22ND DECEMBER 2017


    We bought a wall fan ultima PTO1 on 17 oct
    2017.we hang it on wall.but there is one manufacturing defect that it is not able to fix .its neck is facing towards floor.Its neck is not fix according to the sitting person . We complained in customer care for it on 10th nov. TECHNICIAN came and find the fault and said that we will change one of its part .After one week part was changed but problem was as usual. HE said that it is manufacturing defect.but now the solution is not in my hand you have to contact senior person.Mr.anurag was found as senior person in bajaj fan.We contacted him .He asked me to send cmplaint no.and assured me to solve the problem. A technical person name pappu was sent by him but could not solve the problem. He declared it is unrepairable.I contacted to mr. Bajaj now what is the solution.He denied of doing any thing and said there is not any problem in it .Technician has not given any complaint to me.Neither he wants to refund the money for this fan and it cannot be repaired.what is the use of this fan.please help us in this matter.they are not cooperating with us in any way.

  10. Hi guys I am looking for good and reasonable lawyer in dwarka to file divorce case against my wife Please guide.

  11. Gautam Nautiyal

    Am a first owner, my housing society is denying Share Certificates to me since i have installed a Chajja(temporary structure) in balcony. They are saying it is against society rules.
    There are other members as well with Chajja, but some of them have been issued Share certificates earlier.

    Can they do this? Or they can be held punishable?

  12. Gaurav Gupta

    need help to get the refund from the Builder for the Flat booked.
    There is deficiency in service by the builder. The construction of the project is stopped since 3 years.

  13. rajat bajaj

    I am a flat owner in a society and paying my maintenance ammount every month. Now managment commieetee is asking for Rs.13000 extar money for new lift upgradation. If we are unable to pay on time then Managment commieetee will disconnect the powerbackup connection.

    Please suggest, if we are paying our maintenance every month then also MC can disconnect our Powerbackup for new demand like for new lift ?

    Please help

  14. Dr Asha Sharma

    I am a resident in one of the societies in Dwarka. The society is undertaking the extension work due to the permissible increase in FAR by DDA. Due toe construction in my adjoining flats and other flats, there is considerable obstruction in the availability of sunlight and air (especially during winters) in comparison to the pre-construction conditions. My flat is already situated in a depressed location as its flanked by 2 other flats on the front side. The new construction has blocked not only the view but also the air and sunlight, as mentioned above. we have already brought it to the notice of managing committee members and requested to provide us the balcony to reduce the depression on the kitchen side and increase the balcony area of the already existing balcony so that we are able to capture at least the same amount of sunligt and air which is the basic fundamental human right.. After lot of persuations the MC has agreeed to provide the kitchen , but not increase in theother balcony area. To this decision of MC , few members of MC( especially those who are the owners of the front flats. They say if we are allowed to increase the balcony area, they should also be permitted to increase the area of their balcony. It is pertinent to mention here that these flat owners have already got maximum FAR( area inrease), in comparison to flats owners of other blocks. They have made it as a prestige issue. )ne or two of them being the members of the managing committee, are trying to use their power.

    In such a scenario, where can we lodge our grievances.

  15. i send rakhi in behalf of my wife in west bengal and give him charge 120rs on 18th of august but it will not reach there when i enquired about it they say we don’t have a service there, for this my inlaws blame me to not sending rakhis and my wife blame on me now tell me what will i do in dtdc company

  16. I got a wrong watch instead of which i hv ordered from paytm. I made complaint many times on customer care they didn’t do anything fr me.i m tired of making complaint. how to get money back frm pytm

  17. Sir recently I became a member of CIIS company which provided me 50 night package of suites for stay in hotels in india and international with AMC annually. But during their welcome call some of conditions were different and the extra charges were being imposed other to that their agent promised at the time of meeting . I deposited rs 70000 but now i denied the membership and asked for refund during welcome call . I recorded my conversation with service centre and agent in which they have most of things and resolved some but not to my satisfaction as there is a lot of differences and my faith has breached. kindly guide in case of confrontation as do me talk is still going.
    Thanks in advance…
    Sumit jain

  18. The MC of a CGHS appointed a committee for internal Road Relaying. I want to know can a non member or a spouse of a member be a member of such committee ??

  19. Saurabh Singh

    I have been delivered a soap in packet of phone. order OD1138632467456830000 and it’s been 4 days no body is helping me. Every time i have been told you will be receiving a call.

  20. i have a complaint case against indigo airlines against misbehave at airport t3, i need to file me case in district forum, which consumer have jurisdiction pl tell me jurisdiction

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