Building Maintenance Fund of Society

Building Maintenance Fund of Society

Creation, maintenance, utilization of building and replacement fund
Rule 96(1) of the DCS Rules, 2007: Building Maintenance Fund of Society: Every co-operative housing society shall create and maintain corpus of funds, for building maintenance and for replacement of building separately, according to the necessity and requirement of the cooperative housing society. Funds for these funds shall be fixed annually by the general body as a part of the co-operative housing society’s annual budget.


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(a) Building maintenance fund; This fund shall be utilized for meeting expenses of normal recurring nature essential for the safety and to increase life of the building. Demand raised by the committee shall be payable as per schedule and terms and conditions approved by the general body for this purpose by the member- or attorney or a person who has converted his property to freehold, as the case may be. On failure to pay the demand, the committee shall be competent to recover it as arrears of land revenue through the Registrar.


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(i) In case of Co-operative house building society, amount of fund shall be based on the fact whether the services are being maintained by the co-operative house building society or have been transferred to the local body.

(ii) Co-operative Group Housing Society-

(a) The building maintenance fund shall be realizable from the date of handing over of the possession of the flats Or from the date of allotment to the members by the co-operative housing society.

(b) The building replacement fund shall be realizable after five years from the date of issue of permission to occupy flats or completion certificate, whichever is earlier.


6 thoughts on “Building Maintenance Fund of Society”

  1. Sir, Can a cooperative society governed by Delhi cooperative society Act 2003 and rules framed thereunder collect one time Building Maintenance Fund for meeting activities like past liability, purchase of chairs, children swings,garden relaying guard room renovation,dustbin,office construction,public address system pump house renovation,lift repair, repair of fire fighting equipments,especially when separate monthly maintenance is being paid? what is the connotation of words “‘ which is likely to increase life of property “‘ appearing in rule 94 OF DCS rules ? How is building maintenance fund different from maintenance fund levied monthly?

  2. whether the replacement fund collected by housing society under D.C.S Rules ,can be utilized for repair of damaged exterior wall of the building of the society.

  3. Sir,
    Our cooperative housing society in Mumbai, has decided to carray out repairs, painting etc of the buildings. They have decided to collect funds for the same.
    1. The quantum of contributions has been fixed as per the number of bedrooms in the flat I.e different contributions from flat owners with 1 BHK and 2 BHK. Is this correct as per the provisions of the cooperative society act/ model bye laws.
    2. What is the minimum age of the buildings before any such major repairs/ maintenance should be carried out.

  4. Mustafa Kaydawala

    I reside in kurla and leave in a co-operative hsg soc. Mine is a terrace flat (a Four storey building). There was leakage from the society terrace into my flat during monsoon season for which I complain to society. The commity member’s replied that i do the repairing of the society terrace on my own and than claim the amount from society. It has been a year and the society has still not cleared my payment against the bill submitted.
    Kindly guide me how to get clear my payment from the society.
    The bill is of Rs.24000/-

  5. There is a running case(filed by me) in consumer court “deficiency in service” against society management(Delhi) where my dispute amount is 1.25L and opposite party(O.P) dispute amount is Rs16300(as per them). Now, few months back , they filed a case in registrar and couple days back , we had hearing there, registrar verbally said to me to pay the disputable amount to O.P.,but they havent given any in written or he said he will move this case to arbitration where we may need to pay more money. So Sir, I have paid the balance amount to O.P. and informed to the Registrar as well, Today, O.P. called me for compromise and said to compromise and said to compromise this case with amount Rs 5000. I denied for it as I have big disputable amount.So, they said that we wont restore your services. Get in written from Court.
    1) When I have paid all mu dues,Can they still stop my services?
    2)Can I approach to police for the same?

  6. Muntazir Mehdi

    For common areas the maintenance fund is equal but what is uncommon area, i have a case where the dispute is between the body members. The respondent is saying that the fund should be equally taken from society members but our side is saying that the fund should be taken area wise for uncommon area or facilities. I’m not getting any precedent case related to this..this case is from delhi.

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