What is reserved Car Parking space
There are many illusions among the masses due to increase in number of vehicles to be parked by residents or office goers at their office place or residential place. Therefore we are giving the legal advice and information to all and in case anyone is having any comment, suggestion, advice or dispute, you may kindly comment.

All disputes shall be resolved by mediation, conciliation, arbitration or through courts – is our guarantee – SO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS


This is space earmarked or allocated space by the owner (Govt. Office) for parking vehicles for specific persons by designation or as the owner (Govt. Office) has decided. All office workers & officials + visitors to that office have no right to park their vehicles on the reserved parking space and if they do, it will be counted as un-authorized parking.



This is space earmarked or allocated space by the owner (Society in their general meeting) for parking vehicles for specific persons by membership number, flat number or shop number has decided. All office workers & officials + visitors to that office have no right to park their vehicles on the reserved parking space and if they do, it will be counted as un-authorized parking.



This is space earmarked by the owner of the said place for parking vehicles for visitors and any one parking at that space is deemed as un-authorised parking.



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If a person has no purpose or business to go to a place and park the vehicle / car, it is deemed as un-authorized by law enforcement agencies.

For example: Mr. X has no business to visit JAI BHARAT society and still he goes inside the society and parks his vehicle as a visitor to the society. He has no purpose to visit any flat or shop or person in the Jai Bharat society, it is deemed as un-authorized parking.



The owners of the space if find any one un-authorizedly parking one’s vehicle at a place un-authorized for that one and he remains there even on telling to go, the person parking un-authorizedly is said to have committed a criminal offence under section 441 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Therefore, the owner can call Police and lodge a complaint immediately for criminal tresspas and intimidation.



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  • US Sanwal says:

    We have few parking under the stilt in our society but the managing committee members only use it. Others are not allowed to park by verbal advice and other methods. Cant we the members tell the committee to allot it on daily cost or monthly cost basis

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  • Mohan Chand says:

    There is no reservation of parking under the stilt in our society. Managing Committee says that there is no provision to make reservation

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  • JK Katyal says:

    My Society is not imposing car parking charges on reserved car parking space, while it has imposed charges Rs.100/- p.m. on all the cars entering in the society premises.

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  • Raju says:

    Greetings!! I have registered car parking with the builder and with a legal agreement. I need to know is there any restriction to park more than one vehicle in my car parking if my parking area allows for? I have parked two vehicles in my parking place .Vehicle’s parked are well within the defined location and in a permitted area of my car parking without any disturbance to any society member. WHAT IF I PARK MY BOTH THE VEHICLES WITHIN THE SPACE OF Registered CAR PARK SPACE. Can society by law ask parking charge for parking an additional vehicle in This case. Please advise.

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  • vijay khanna says:

    My apartment is in delhi and the land is on lease from DDA and we pay ground rent. i have paid for the parking space where two cars can fit. after 10 years new committee says that we can not. are they right?

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  • Anuj Gupta says:

    Hello, I am staying on rented house in Delhi and paying society maintenance charges every month. when i asked for receipt of the payment from the society, they refused to give me the receipt of the payment i paid them under maintenance charges and says that they are not giving any receipt to any other resident. is it right or doing wrong. under which section they are bound to issue a receipt of maintenance charges paid. this society is housing cooperative society.

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  • vijay khanna says:

    It is a group housing society. The president is threatening not to allow entry of second are even into premises. The stipulation of not parking car had not been discussed in general body meeting. only 4 residents have parking big enough for 2 cars. After 10 years they say that they will put a mark on the floor in our parking area and we cannot park car beyond that. President is abusive and intimidating. Kindly let me know the rules under which we can seek remedial measures and to whom we approach?

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  • Anuj Gupta says:

    I am paying through cheque only but in that case also i could not proof that for what purpose i am paying this payment. Can you please let me know in which section or act they are bound to issue me a receipt for the same?

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  • sir what if a first floor resident(advocate) in a co-operative group housing society in delhi are park his six two wheelers and out of these six two wheelers, registration of two is expired on 2000 & 2015, but still park to block the parking space and placed four big “GIMLAS” on ground where parking space is there. keep his pet BIG dog at stairs connect to roof.

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  • prakash Rele says:

    I am Sr Citzen holding stilt parking directly alloted by buildor kindly advise what shold be lenth & width per car ( as per Govt.laws ) for the society as well open parking area.
    needs your guideence please



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  • DR Gupta

    How it can be legally determined that particular parking is reserved car parking and not common parking, in case Entire society plot is leased, only flats are allotted by DDA & Society and the reserved car parking is allotted out of common parking by Society alone. Will allottee of car space be entitled for equal right after having one car space as allotted space ?

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