Water seepage problems and remedies

Water Seepage Inspection


Water seepage is annoying to property owners. It is also challenging to engineers. Water seepage can be caused by various factors, such as cracks on external wall, honey comb concrete, defective sealant at window, and defective waterproofing membrane at roof and drainage pipe.

Some water seepage problems may require concerted efforts from different parties. For example, water source comes from the upper floor but the residents of the upper floor may not cooperate with the residents of lower floor to solve the problem. Therefore, legal action may be required to force the residents of the upper floor to cooperate.

Water seepage problems and remedies – Theory

Water infiltration into low slope roofing systems causes changes in the thermal properties of the roofing system. Thermal imaging is capable of detecting evidence of latent moisture due to changes in either the thermal conductivity and/or thermal capacitance of the roofing system.

Water seepage problems and remedies – What can be detected?

  • latent moisture
  • missing, damaged, or improperly installed insulation

Where can be applied?

Assurance check for waterproof membrane

  • Flat roof
  • Swimming pool
  • Bath room

Water seepage

  • Flat roof
  • Swimming pool
  • Kitchen & bath room
  • Building external wall
  • Water tank


  • locate water-damaged roof areas quickly and accurately
  • can ensure the quality of new or retrofitted systems
  • can avoid unnecessary replacement of parts of the roof that are in good condition (costly repair works)
  • identify problems early before they become serious and costly
  • help extend the life of the existing roof
  • document problems before the warranty expires
  • provide facts for planning accurate budgets
  • scientific recognized proof for legal action in water seepage case


(1) Infrared thermographic technology is one of the effective solutions to diagnose water seepage problems.

(2) Infrared thermographic report is a recognised proof for legal action in water seepage case.


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  • Shailesh More says:

    i am facing a leakages problem in my flat due to leakage from the roof top (terrace) where there are heavy cracks are developed. same is being brought in to the notice of the society secretory but no actions are being taken. now my house ceiling has fallen down. i had ask society to get it repaired which they are denying. I require a legal guidance to take action against the society and ask them to do the maintenance of my flat along with the terrace.

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  • Shailesh More says:

    i am staying in Mumbai. the area is Mira Road.

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  • Neeraj Singh says:

    Seepage from Upper floor flat’s toilet, I have a problem, water leakages into my bathroom and bedroom roof & walls from the flat situated just above of my flat i.e. flat no. 248 since last4 years. Due to which my bedroom & bathroom roof and walls are getting moisture. Since dirty water is leakaging either from toilet pit or wash basin of washroom therefore it is creating hygienic problem in my bedroom and it is also hazardous for the health of my family. I have made so many verbal requests to the flat owner but he is not taking any pain to get it checked and repair it, Please suggest what to do in this situation. where should i make a complaint of this. Neeraj Singh. 245 MIG, Pkt.-B, Sec-14, Dwarka , New Delhi

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  • Iyer Venkitachalam says:

    I am staying in Vasai Road East in Thane District Mumbai, I have a leakage in my Kitchen Ceiling from my Upper Floor Flat for the Last 3 years. I have already informed the Managing Committee of the Society as well as my Upper Floor Flat Owner. But nothing has been done till date and now the seepage has spread to a wider area in my flat. They are not doing anything on this issue. Please suggest what should be done in this case. Also my whole room ceiling has also cracked due to heavy banging on the floor. Cracks have developed on all the ceilings of the room.

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  • Janani Vijay says:

    we are planning to purchase a flat in Vadodara, Token advance of Rs 100000 has been paid to wards an unit there. But later on we found while inspecting that leakages are there in bathroom ceiling. The builder says that the leakage is from upper flat drainage flush and it would be rectified. But when i insisted that can they give assurance that in future there would not be any seepage, they are not ready to comment on the same. should i go about buying this flat or should I cancel as I am not aware of how serious this problem is as such. Please guide me in this regard.

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  • I have purchased a 1BHK flat in Pune. Last rainy season there was water seepage in the flat. The builder did some water proofing work but again this year in this rainy season there is water seepage. The builder says he will do some treatment but there is no guarantee that it will not happen next rainy season. I have not yet occupied the flat and the completion certificate is still pending. Kindly guide

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  • raj says:

    i am staying in kasarwadi pune and there is leakage just below of my hall. i am staying on 3rd floor and leakage in 2nd floor,s hall. how can i rectify it.
    we had drilled three holes in my hall to detect water source but the hole at my bathroom side shows no water.

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  • Manoj says:

    Hello Team,

    I have gone through your website and found it very informative and supportive. I reside in a co-operative society and faces severe seepage problem since last 10 years from above floors and outside wall. Society structure is 25 years old and entire outer structure “Grit” got visible cracks which needs immediate repair work but no one in the society neither approached nor responded to my pain. I am occupant at 1st floor and seepage issue is persisting to all floors from top to bottom. Two years ago I consulted one seepage consultant who repaired all internal walls of my bathroom, adjoining rooms and lobby because of which there is no water seepage inside my rooms and if seepage is still coming from above floors that will reside to internal walls only and will go downwards without any damage to my walls. In the bathroom to avoid any chances of future seepage had changed all bathroom fittings including location of toilet seat. Now one day occupants below to my floor came to my home with his plumber and put across allegations that he is facing severe water seepage problem in his premises – toilet, adjoining rooms because of leakage from drainage and water pipes of my toilet. He found my toilet seat in different location and alleged that since i have changed its location it has caused entire seepage to his premises. Without thorough inspection of drainage pipe how someone could make such blind allegations knowing the fact i have used class “A” category of goods in repairing my toilet. Now he has approached to court urging compensation and rectification of this issue asking court to direct society and occupant to rectify this seepage and compensate for the damages caused. Please advice what and how to defend from such false allegations and what are the legal directives in this regards. Urgent support would be highly appreciated.

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  • Manoj says:

    I’m residing in Delhi region. My concern is living right above to sufferer property does not mean that i would be held accountable and responsible for every seepage or related incidents if it is not coming from my premises. I have been co-operating and bringing pro-active measures to trace exact location of seepage and therefore did several measures such as stopped using bathroom, removed wall mounted toilet seat from its location and then finally disconnected water supply. Still sufferer is putting allegation that water seepage is coming to his premises. I have asked him to bring along an expert who could pin-point and identify the exact location of seepage if you still feel seepage is coming from my premises. Court will also ask the sufferer to prove all allegations since blind faith will never work out. If sufferer is not able to prove the claim then all such allegations and compensations asked becomes null and void. And best part is society is least bothered to act upon the plea. Need your advice on this..

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  • Rupal chaturvedi says:

    I m facing problem of seepage in walls and tiles of my room due to damage seputy tank of neighbour and neighbours are not cooperating in expenses . what legal action we can take on them for solving this issue ?

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  • suraj says:

    please provide any contact number in Pune region for solving leakage problem of bathroom. (some advocate in particular field

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  • Prashant says:

    Hi, i made a deal for second sale flat. Agreement not done but i have given token amount. In the purchased flat there is leakage in the bedroom. But before the deal i havnt noticed. The leakage is from above floor flat. Now i know the seepage and ask current owner(seller) to repair. But he is not willing and asked me to do on my own and not even ready to interfere in the issue. This matter wasn’t discussed before the deal as i was unaware nor he told intensionally. I am not ready to do it as expense is 50k approx.Please advise what can be done. Thank you in advance.

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  • SAVITA JHA says:

    Hi please provide the contact details for the seepage problem in kitchen, toilet and bathroo, roof.

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  • Janaki says:

    Hi sir..I live in Chennai.. We planned to take preventive action for the seepage prob in our flat which is 20 yrs old but sound condition.. We started working N cleared all tiles in roof..but unfortunately rain started.. The contracter cleared only half of the debris and remaining left in roof which comes under our flat..now my kitchen bedroom started leaking like anything.. He is nt ready to clear the debris or to put tharpolin to protect my flat till rain stops.pl advice me ASAP..janaki

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  • Sanjay says:

    Hi I have seepage around bathroom walls in below area but all pipes from above floors are also passing through bathroom floor hence unable to detect the exact cause. Whole wall is having tiles also.

    Please mail me how it can be checked. I am staying at south Delhi

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  • navin yadav says:

    How to go for investigations of water seepage

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  • Sir. I am facing problems of external wall leakage problem of my own independent house.which was build in2010 .please advice me your good suggestion

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  • Chandra Prakash says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m residing in Ground Floor, IndraPuram Gzb, There is a leakage problem in my flat. There water pipes are going from our room wall to top floor owner’ tank. due to old pipes or some damage in that pipe water is leaking. I asked to get the pipe line replaced with new one and that too from outside instead of inside on sharing basis. but they are not cooperating. Please help me and let me know how it can be done and where i should go and whom i can approach?

    Thanks & Regds

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  • Sunita govil says:

    Sir, I am residing in Lucknow in a society flat. I am facing seepage problem in walls due to the garden made by penthouse owners above my flat. Since last 2 years we r very polite to them. But now fed up with this situation. What can I do further in this regard? Please help

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  • Panna says:

    How can I get an infrared thermographic report for leaks in my kitchen ceiling & walls and how much does it costs.

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  • kailash singh says:

    I am resident of East Delhi DDA Flat for last one month there is seepage from Uppar floor kitchen which
    is quiet visible as you can see the water drop ,I have requested the owner of uppar floor to repairs
    the same ,though he say,s he will do but not done any reparis work for last month please advise what action i can take- can there be any complain to MCD or Police or what the legal remides.

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  • CK Shandilya says:

    I am the occupant of ground floor flat and facing water seepage from the toilet of first floor. Seepage of water has caused damage to the wall of bed room and toilet, also I find growth of fungus and mashroom on the wall which is causing health hazard to my family. I had requested the owner of first floor to fix the problem in their toilet so as to stop seepage. However, the owner has denied by saying that it is not his problem. Apartment committee has sent notice but of no effect. I request you to guide me on this issue. I request you to guide me on this issue. Is that feasible for me to approach court?

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