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1. Over the years, the Navy has taken number of steps to fulfill its obligation towards its Veterans. The retired officers have the Navy Foundation as a forum for maintaining contact among its members, representing problems/issues pertaining to the retired officers. However, there is no equivalent organisation for ex-sailors. In deference to the wishes of the ex- sailors and to espouse their cause, a Veteran Sailors’ Forum (VSF) has been established by Naval Headquarters on 10 Apr 08.

2. The raison d’etre of constituting VSF is to meet the following cardinal objectives:-

(a) Focused attention to ex-sailors/widows/NOKs on welfare related issues.
(b) Interface with IHQ/MOD (N) towards availing benefits earmarked for ex-serviceman under various schemes promulgated by Central and State Govt.
(c) The platform for sharing/dissemination of information relating to opportunities/difficulties of ex-serviceman/widows/NOKs.
(d) To centrally promote fraternal relationship among ex-sailors.
(e) Provide assistance to the needy and help them in their ventures for Charitable, Social and Philanthropic causes.
3. The Veteran Sailors’ Forum has been registered with Registrar of Societies under Societies Registration Act 1860 vide No. S/62103 of 05 May 08.

4. The Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations of Veteran Sailors’ Forum duly authenticated by the Registrar of Societies are enclosed.

5. Registration Certificate and Membership Form are placed at Appendix A and B respectively.

  (K Surjit Singh)



1. The name of the Society shall be “Veteran Sailors’ Forum” hereinafter referred to as “The Forum”.


2. The Aims and Objectives of the Forum will be as set forth in paragraph 3 of its Memorandum of Association.


3. Eligibility.

(a) Any person who has served in the Royal Indian Navy, the Indian Navy and the Naval Reserves for more than one year as a sailor and has retired/released under normal course, is solvent, of sound mind and has not been convicted by a Court of Law in a criminal case, shall be eligible to become a member of the Veteran Sailors’ Forum.

(b) Widows of such personnel, who would otherwise have been eligible, may become honorary members of the Forum.

4. Categories of Members. There shall be the following categories of members of the Veteran Sailors’ Forum: –

(a) Life Membership. Any person who is eligible to become member (as indicated in para 3 above) may become a life member on payment of the subscription as specified from time to time.

(b) Honorary Members. The widow of the deceased naval sailor is entitled to be an honorary member without payment of any subscription. The Governing Council may, at its discretion, invite eminent person for specified period only to become the Honorary member of the Forum. The Honorary member can be invited to any General Body Meeting, but will not have voting rights.

(c) Member Institutions. The Governing Council may at its discretion invite certain institutions as members of the Forum for a specified period only. The basic rationale for Member Institutions would be to draw on the Corporate Social Responsibility towards funding for the Veteran Sailors’ Forum and getting courses/training for ex-sailors/widows/NOKs gratis, or at subsidised rates.

5. Subscription. The subscription rate of the Forum would be established by the Governing Council and will be reviewed periodically. Initially, the rate of subscription would be as follows:-

(a) Hon Lt/Hon SLt/MCPOs/CPOs : Rs 300/-

(b) POs and below : Rs 200/-

(c) Widows/ Hon Members : Free

6. Voting Rights. Life Members shall have the voting rights at the General Body Meetings of the Forum. Honorary members and Member Institutions may attend such meetings when called upon, but will have no voting rights.

7. Cessation of Membership. Membership will be ceased on the following occasions: –

(a) On death of the member.

(b) By the Executive Council if any member has acted in any prejudicial manner towards the Forum.

(c) In addition, Executive Council may also terminate membership if: –

(i) Member is found of unsound mind.

(ii) Convicted by a criminal court for criminal offence.

(iii) Declared insolvent by a court of law.

(iv) Whose professional membership is terminated by Bar Forum / Medical Council, or other similar organisations Members rendering false information to Govt on house tax, claims for reward / decoration, expelled by Defence Co-operative Societies etc.

(v) One who resigns his membership.

8. Re-Admission. A person whose life membership has been terminated or who has resigned such membership may be required by the Executive Council to pay the subscription again, if his application for re-admission to life-membership is approved at any later date.

9. Appeal. Any person whose application for admission or re-admission to Life-Membership has been rejected by the Executive Council or any member who considers himself to be aggrieved by any order of or action by the Executive Council may within a reasonable time apply to the Governing Council giving full details of his case and the Governing Council may take such action or pass such instruction on it as they may deem fit. The decision shall be final and communicated by the secretary in writing.

10. Register of Members. A register of members of the Forum, showing separately, in respect of the Life-members, Honorary Members and Institutional Members, the dates of admission, personal particulars, date of payment of subscription where applicable, and the date, if any, on which the name of the member was struck off or he ceases to be a member, together with the reasons thereof shall be maintained by the Secretary and shall be open to inspection by members at all reasonable times.


11. The Chief of the Naval Staff will be the Patron-in-Chief of the Veteran Sailors’ Forum. The Controller of Personnel Service shall be the Patron of the Forum.

12. The Governing Council may invite such other dignitaries or persons of eminence as it considers being the Patrons of the Forum.


13. The Office of the Forum will be at New Delhi. The Veteran Sailors’ Forum will have following for its management:

(a) Governing Council (GC)
(b) Executive Council (EC).

Governing Council

14. This Governing Council shall comprise of following:

(a) President Principal Director Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)

(b) Vice President Director Directorate of Administration/ IHQ MoD (N)

(c) NHQ Members Joint Director (Canteen & Welfare) Directorate of Personnel Services/IHQ MoD (N),

Secretary, Naval Wives Welfare Association,

JD Veteran Sailors’ Forum,
Joint Director
Directorate of Pay & allowances (Pay & Pensions)/ IHQ MoD (N),

Secretary, Indian Naval Benevolent Association
(d) Secretary Joint Director (Veteran Sailors’ Forum)
Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)

(e) Treasurer Joint Director (NF)
Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)

(f) Co-opted Member Judge Advocate (Navy)

(g) Forum Reps Three Life time members

15. Duties of Governing Council (GC). The Governing Council shall be responsible to ensure that the affairs of the Forum are managed in furtherance of Aims and Objectives of the Memorandum of Association. The broad duties of the Governing Council (GC) are enumerated below:-

(a) Enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Forum.

(b) Co-ordinate various welfare measures and resettlement activities for ex-Naval sailors/widows/NOKs as promulgated by Central Govt, State Govt, MoD, and IHQ/MoD(Navy).

(c) Authorise opening of a new Charter of the Forum.

(d) Authorise negotiations with NGOs for vocational training/rehabilitation.

(e) Appoint committee from amongst the members of the Forum and delegate such functions, duties and powers as may be deemed proper.

(f) Distribution/sub-allocation of funds generated.

(g) Subject to approval of the General Body, frame bye-laws from time to time.

(h) Authorise any member to represent the Forum in any conference or assembly of Ex-Servicemen in India.

(j) Authorise any member to represent the Forum in any legal proceedings. in this connection.

16. Meetings. The Governing Council shall ordinarily meet at least once in 12 months at such time and place decided by its President. The President may however call a special or extraordinary meeting of the Council, if circumstances so warrant. At least 15 days notice is to be given to members for such meetings. The tenure of the nominated members would be 2 years or otherwise ordered by the president. The Serving Naval Officers in the Governing Council will be the Ex- Officio member and on transfer /retirement their duties will be taken over by the Officers assuming the charge.

17. Quorum. Presence of the one third members with voting rights shall constitute the quorum. There will be no quorum for an adjourned meeting due to lack of quorum.

18. Chairing of Meeting. The President shall be the Chairman of all the meetings. In his absence, the Vice-President shall act as the Chairman.

19. Decision. All issues in the Governing Council meeting shall be decided by majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. A declaration by the chairman that the resolution has been passed or lost and an entry to that effect in the Minutes Book of the Governing Council shall be the conclusive evidence of that fact.

20. Passing of Resolution without Meeting. If it is considered inexpedient to hold the Governing Council meeting, the President may cause a resolution to be circulated to all members of the Council .Thereafter on receipt of assent from the majority of members having the voting rights, the President may decide the resolution passed at a duly constituted Governing Council meeting.

21. In addition to the normal members of the Council, the President may invite people who are not members of the Governing Council, but may be required to contribute to the proceedings of the Governing Council Meeting (GCM).

22. The Governing Council shall be the Managing Body of the Forum for the purpose of Societies Registration Act xx1 of 1860.Once in a year, the list of Members of the Governing Council shall be filed in the office of Registrar of Societies as per Section 4 of the Societies Act 1860.

23. When a person becomes a member of the General Council by the reason of the office or appointment he holds, his membership shall terminate when he ceases to hold that office or appointment.

24. Agenda for the meeting will have to be promulgated at least one month in advance to all members of the Governing Council.

Executive Council

25. The Executive Council shall comprise of the following: –

(a) President : Joint Director (VSF)
Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)
(b) Secretary : Joint Director (Welfare)
Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)
(c) Treasurer : Joint Director (NF)
Directorate of Ex-servicemen Affairs/IHQ MoD (N)
(d) NHQ Members : Joint Director
Directorate of Pay & allowances (Pay & Pensions)/IHQ MoD (N),
Secretary, Indian Naval Benevolent Association.
(e) VSF Delhi Charter : Three life time members.

26. Tenure of the nominated members would be two years or otherwise ordered by the President.

27. Duties of Executive Council. The powers and duties of the Executive Council would be entrusted by the Governing Council and would broadly be as under: –

(a) To deal with all matters relating to finance, administration, membership and publicity of the Forum and advice GC on these issues as necessary.(b) To carry out any task and assume responsibilities specifically assigned by the GC from time to time.

(c) Carry out examination of budget/finances and make recommendations on its effective use.

(d) Prepare Annual Report including Annual Account and Balance Sheet of the Forum and Delhi Charter.

(e) Recommend new office bearers.

(f) Advise GC on issues related to raising of funds through appeal to Govt, general public, sports/cultural activities, publication and sale of books magazines etc.

(g) Recommend measures to reach out to ex-sailors/widows/NOKs for welfare measures.

(h) Recommend measures to enhance awareness about Naval values.

(j) Liaise with Kendriya Sainik Boards/Rajya Sainik Boards/Zila Sainik Boards for grants under various schemes for ex-sailors/widows/NOKs.

(k) Suggest resettlement avenues to widows and children of the ex-sailors.

(l) Maintain records of Non Governmental Organisations and interact with them for job assistance and self-empowerment of widows.

(m) Maintain and present details of assistance rendered to ex-sailors/widows and their children to Governing Council for discussion during the Annual General Meeting.

(n) The Executive Council shall be responsible to the Governing Council for its action and decisions.
28. Meeting of Executive Council. The President of the Executive Council may call for the meeting of the Executive Council as and when required. The meeting shall take place at least once in six months.

Duties of the Office Bearers of the Governing Council.

29. President. Duties of the President would be as follows: –

(a) President shall preside over all General Body Meetings and other meetings. His rulings on the issue of procedure and voting at the meeting shall be final.

(b) He will have complete administrative and financial control of the Forum.(c) He would advise/direct the office bearers towards:-

(i) Fund raising.

(ii) Image building of the Navy.

(iii) Any other relevant issues considered necessary by him.

(d) He would take decisions on the urgent issues, which will be submitted to the Governing Council for its ratification.30. Vice President. The duties of the Vice President would be as under:-

(a) The Vice President would preside over the meetings of the Governing Council during the absence of the President. Besides, the President may specify any additional duties to the Vice President.(b) The Vice President shall assist the President in his various duties such as:

(i) Efficient running of the Forum Office and its Charters (when instituted).

(ii) Fund raising.

(iii) Image building of the Navy and welfare measures etc.

(iv) Liaise with Placement Agency for employment of ex-sailors/widows/NOKs.
(v) Co-ordinate financial assistance for ex-sailors/widows/NOKs.

(vi) Co-ordinate distribution of education scholarship to children of deceased naval sailors.

(vii) Exchange information with other Charters (when instituted) over various policies related to ex-sailors issued by the GOI and seek inputs from all Charters over the new proposals for their welfare.31. Secretary. The duties and responsibilities of the Secretary shall be: –
(a) To co-ordinate the management of the Forum office at New Delhi.

(b) To prepare minutes of all meetings.(c) To ensure that a proper record of all decisions taken at meetings is maintained and necessary follow up actions are initiated well in time towards its implementation.

(d) Assist the Vice President in performance of his duties as enumerated above.

(e) Prepare annual report of the Forum.

32. Treasurer. The treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Forum and shall receive/make payments on behalf of the Forum. He shall be responsible for: –

(a) Safe custody of cash, cheque books, seals and securities of the Forum.

(b) Maintain correct and an updated accounts of the Forum.

(c) Keep Governing Council and Executive Council informed on the state of finances of the Forum.

(d) Performing such other functions pertaining to finance of the Forum as may be required and assigned to him by the President, the Governing Council or the Executive Council.

Regional Charters of the Forum (When Instituted)33. The Forum shall have its Headquarters at New Delhi with Charters at such other places as authorised by the Governing Council. The Charters (when instituted) shall be designated as follows:-
Veteran Sailors’ Forum _______________ Charter. (Name of the station where Charter is located).

34. The Charters shall be governed by the constitution, but will have autonomy of local functioning. Each of the Charter shall consist of at least the following:-

(a) President

(b) Secretary

(c) Treasurer

35. The President of the respective Charters will hold office at the pleasure of the President of the Governing Council at New Delhi and tenure of the other members will be in accordance with the rules prescribed above. The Charters will follow the financial provisions laid down by the Governing Council at New Delhi.

Committee / Sub Committee

36. The Governing Council may appoint committees or sub-committees as considered necessary and delegate to the functions, powers and duties accordingly.

Annual General Meeting

37. Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Forum would be held once a year at a place and time decided by the Governing Council.

38. A notice of not less than 60 days would be given for the conduct of the meeting. All proposals to be discussed at the AGM will be forwarded to the Secretary at least 30 days in advance. The consolidated and finalized agenda would be circulated to all members at least 15 days before the AGM.

39. The AGM would essentially carry out following transactions: –

(a) Presentation and adoption of Annual Report and balance sheet and accounts of the previous year of the Forum and the Charters (when instituted).

(b) Election of members of Governing Council for the ensuing year and elections not for ex-officio members but only for elected/nominated members.

(c) Issues as contained in the agenda for the meeting.

(d) Any other business as may be placed on the agenda or permitted by the Chairman.

40. All minutes and details of proceedings will be made by the Secretary of the Forum and will be promulgated to all concerned after approval of the President. All actions as required in accordance with the minutes will be initiated well in time and a completion report will be made to Secretary, who in turn will put them up for perusal of the President.

Regional Charters

41. Initially, the Veteran Sailors’ Forum would comprise of a Delhi Charter located at New Delhi. Regional Charters would be instituted subsequently. The location for Delhi Charter of Forum would be at Room No. 401, 4th Floor Chanakya Bhawan, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi 110021.

42. Regional Charters would be established from respective Command resources at a suitable location accessible to ex-sailors’ community.



43. The Forum can raise funds to meet its expenses as per the regulations set by the Governing Council, which may include following sources: –

(a) Grant from NPF.
(b) Membership fees.

(c) By appeal to State and Union Govt.

(d) By appeal to corporate houses, institutions, general public for contributions and donations.

(e) By publishing magazine/newsletters.

(f) By other lawful activities.

(g) By organising sports, competitions, dances, fetes and other entertainments permitted by law.

(h) By publication and sale of books, magazines, journals periodicals and newspapers.
Income Tax Rebate

44. Section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act of 1961 provides the donors, who gave donations to the Forum and charitable trusts/organisation etc holding certificate of exemption under section 80(G) issued by the Income Tax Authorities can claim exemption.

Proceedings and their Evidence

45. All minutes, proceedings, resolutions etc. of all General Body Meetings and Meetings of the Governing Council (GC), Executive Council (EC) and other Committee if any signed by the Secretary and Counter signed by the President/Vice President shall be evidence of the matters stated therein.

Financial Year

46. Financial year of the Forum shall be the year commencing on 1st April of the year to 31st March of the ensuing year.


47. The Governing Council shall cause true accounts to be kept of all sums of money, received and expended by the Forum and of matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditure take place and of the assets, credits and liabilities of the Forum. The Governing Council shall lay before the Annual General Meeting an income/expenditure account and balance sheet duly audited once in a year as provided by these rules. A copy each of such accounts and balance sheets shall be displayed on the notice-board at the office of the Forum at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting at which the same is to be presented to General Body. All the Funds shall be deposited in a Nationalised bank as decide by the Governing Council. The Banks Accounts shall be operated under the joints of the two Governing Council members.


48. A duly Qualified Charted Accountant/Regd. Accountant may be appointed by the Governing Council in an honorary or paid capacity as appropriate, as the auditor of the Forum. The Auditor shall have the right of access to all books of accounts, vouchers and financial documents of the Forum. He shall be afforded any other assistance in the form of information of explanation to enable him to perform his functions properly.


49. These rules and regulations may be altered, added to or abridged by the vote of a majority of members present at any Governing Council (GC) meeting provided that a notice of such alternation, amendment addition or abridgement is given to every member of the Governing Council and Branches of the Forum at least ten days before the date on which such meeting is being convened.

50. Whenever it shall appear to the Governing Council that it is advisable to alter, extend or abridge the purposes for which the Forum has been established, or to alter extend, abridge the object of the Forum as contained in the Memorandum of Association or amalgamate the Forum either wholly or partially with any other Society or whenever the Governing Council intends to change the name of the Forum, the President shall, after a resolution to that effect has been passed by the Governing Council submit the proposition to the branches of the Forum in a written or printed report and shall convene a special meeting of the General Body for the consideration thereof.

51. No proposition for the alternation, extension or abridgement of the purposes or the/objectives of the Forum or for its full or partial amalgamation with any other Society or for change of its name shall be carried into effect in the special meeting of the General Body unless the report mentioned in Para 50 has been delivered or sent by post to every branch of the Forum at least 10 days previous to the date on which the special meeting is being convened, nor unless such proposition have been agreed to in writing by three-fourth of the total number of branches and confirmed by the votes of three-fifth of members present at a second special meeting of the General Body, convened by the President on behalf of the Governing Council at an interval of one month of the former meeting.

52. A copy of the proposition carried into effect as mentioned in Para 51 above, shall forthwith be forwarded to the Registrar of Societies, New Delhi.

53. Notwithstanding any proposition for the change of name of the Forum carried into effect as mentioned in Para 50 above, the name of the Forum shall not be changed unless the Registrar of Societies, New Delhi, has registered the change of names and has issued a Certificate of Registration altered to meet the circumstances of the case.

54. Any amendment in the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations will be carried out in accordance with procedure laid down under section 12 and 12 A of the Societies Act 1860.


55. The Bankers of the Forum shall be the Bank of Baroda, Chankya Puri or such other banks as the Executive Council may decide from time to time.


56. Law suits for or against the ‘Forum’ shall be filed in the name of the President of Forum or in the name of such other person as may be appointed by the Governing Council for this purpose under section 6 of the Societies Registration Act 1860.


57 In the eventuality of occasion demanding the dissolution of the Forum, procedures outlined in the succeeding paragraphs will be followed.

58. Whenever the Governing Council(GC) intends that the Forum shall be dissolved, or any number not less than three-fourth of the total number of members of the Forum submit a written notice to the President for dissolution, the President shall convene a special meeting of the General Body as soon as practicable.

59. The Forum shall not be dissolved unless three-fifth of the total number of members shall have expressed a wish for such dissolution by votes either delivered in person or by proxy at the special meetings of the General Body convened for the purpose.

60. Where not less than three-fourth of the members have determined as mentioned in Para 58 above that the Forum shall be dissolved, the Forum shall be dissolved forthwith or at the time agreed upon during the special meeting, and all steps necessary shall be taken by the Governing Council for the disposal and settlement of the property of the Forum, its claim and liabilities according to these rules and regulations as may be applicable, if any, and if not, then as the Governing Council shall find expedient.

61. If upon dissolution of the Forum there shall remain any asset after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities and property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members of the Forum but shall be given to the Indian Naval Benevolent Association(INBA).


62. All the provisions of the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 (Punjab Amendment Act, 1957) as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi shall apply to the Forum. The Forum has been Registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 vide Certificate No. S/62103 dated 05 May 2008.


63. Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Forum.

Sd/- Sd/- Sd/-
(Name) (Name) (Name)
President Secretary Treasurer


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