Comment on Transfer of membership of Society by Chaitali Chatterjee.


My father was the member of a Housing co-operative society at Kolkata. My father constructed a house over there and we stayed there for more than 20 years. I am the only daughter, got married and I am settled outside West Bengal. My father had been trying to sell the house for the past 2 years as his health was not okay due to age and he decided to move near me. For the past 2 years my father and I had been repeatedly requesting the society to proceed with the sale of our house and transfer of membership. He had also made an application to the society, and they did not take any action on it. I went to Kolkata a number of times, met them and requested them to carry out the formalities as our buyer was also ready for immediate purchase. The land is leased by the society to its members upon recognition of an amount which was more than 20 years back, however the houses were constructed individually by the members.

My father expired in Dec 2013, my 69 year old mother is now all alone in the house and she wants to move to our place after selling the house. We have approached the society again for transfer of share as our buyer is eagerly waiting to purchase the property. We have made an application, however the society’s committee members are still not taking any action and they are unnecessarily delaying without giving any reason. Please let me know whom to approach for this and how do we resolve the problem,

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