The Navy has been cheating the 10 + 10 years Reservist

Navy has been cheating us,through bogus lies for denying our genuine and legal right of “Reservists pension” all these days. They had so far won, by three ‘lies”. I want everyone of you reading this post personally .

1. through cheating the judiciary through an abolished act of Royal Naval fleet reserve rule of 1939.(they quoted it as of 1940,where as in fact the act was of 1939,which was legally abolished or withdrawn along with many such obsolete laws brought in by Britishers)

2. Stating before the courts that “we had given unwillingness” for further engagements as such not entitled to pension. In reality, we all know that, we had no such “right” of giving unwillingness for being called for or for keeping in reserve on completion of 10 years. The unwillingness was for only regular service, for which “regular pension” is given. None of us has demanded for a regular pension.

3. Then relying on the “if required clause” of engagement. Even, there is nothing wrong in that usage of “if required”as no one could foresee a requirement after 10 years. In fact the “requirement ” was there even after 03 jul 1976, because,even now there is reserve service liability. What is stopped is transferring to reserve service and a separate training. It may be noted that, not even a “single Person” recruited prior to 03 jul 1976, was kept in reserve after 03 jul 1976 .i.e. we were not kept because of any fault or bad service record attributable to us. We were not kept because of a govt policy of not to keep in reserve, for which as per section 95 of the pension regulation we were entitled to Special Pension.

It was quite unfortunate that, no One could counter these blatant lies of Navy, in any of the cases where we were defeated, in spite of engaging very smart lawyers there. why? why ? why? because, so far, we were leaving everything before lawyers for the running of cases, without no active involvement, with out knowing that, on such service / pension matters, lawyers role is very limited.



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  • Avinash Shridhar Limaye says:

    I am and My spouce are Victim of Navy’s cheater policy, and Demand Due Pension through Courts.
    Name : Avinash SHridhar LImaye.
    Rank: Ex- LEMR O.No. : 57387
    Served From April 1969 Till March 1979 ( 10) Ten Years.
    From. 9th Submarine Sqadran, INS Vela.
    Presently Residing @ Warje , PUNE, 411029
    Phone BSNL LL :: 020-25232025, Mob : 9850045034.

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  • lingamlcl says:

    I want certain OMs and references for refixation of pay orders in vogue 1980.And the case is filed under Regional labour commissioner Chennai.TGhe advogate N,Sunder rajan ,ex-LTEL,EX-CANARA BANK OFFICER DEALING WITH IT.DOT in thier reply said LTEL is not Equivalent to Telephone operator in DOt.Replied in 1993(Now BSNL).Can I get the relevent orders and CCS Rules int his regard to fight before labour court.Is the BSNL is governed by IDA ACT 1957 or under the purview og CAT.?.If any website is available for the same may be intimated through this page.Please conder and guide me.
    with regards
    L.C.LINGAM,EX-LTEL,93201, Lives in Tirupur(Dollar City).T.N. MOBILE”9443126646’

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  • lingamlcl says:


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  • Mohan. R. I have read through the subject as above “The Navy has been cheating the 10+10 reservist.” The underlying cause is Enforcement and fear made Indian Naval Management to execute GOI letter the fleet reserve was discontinued w.e.f.03 July 11976 vide GOI letter no.D/5374/2/78/2214/SD(N-ll)dated1976.We have to analysis complete letter initiator from GOI, letter approved by from GOI, IN authority involved to hide letter / ordered to inform – execute at the time of sign out.The all involved guys in total picture of direct – indirect loss to the people and reputation. Failed to have two way communication between the Naval Management / GOI and sailor on release.The statistic of man lost / dead – respective reservist, family, children’s due the Mafia act on the Boys entry sailors who had only to come for defence and served on all difficulties.The Indian back up washed away and huge loss of reservist Boys entry sailors, family, and children’s no more except few left behind. The similar applicable to most of the ex.servicemen from services living standards lead to very poor deliberately not providing jobs as they do not get involve with any un-lawful act.When the nation will cry for help that is the time no ex.servicemen left behind to help in difficulties. Remember the missionaries and weak political parties coming up and replace Indian flag with others that will be our fate if Supreme Court is not strict with all expert committee recommendations and need direct involvement on all action items. Supreme Court to punish GOI official who directly or indirectly damaging national people and reputation.

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  • Kumar G. Kamath says:

    Why is Maharashtra Government not honoring war veterans of 1971 war?

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  • Bhola singh says:

    I have served in navy wef 06-04-1974 to 30-04-1984 and was discharged in low medical category with 50 percent disability. Sir I have applied for further extension but navy refused for further extension. Am I eligible for special pension


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  • Jayaraj says:

    As regards to special pension as per the observation of H’ble Supreme Court, it is central Govt., to take action as suggested by the SC and not the Navy. Navy is to follow the instructions given by the Defence Ministry. Ministry of Defence already constituted one man committee to enquire about the grievance of Naval ex servicemen and it seems that they have already recommended. Therefore, SC is observation made amply clear on this issue and one man committee is also recommeded. In the light of this Ministry of Defence is to issue suitable direction for paying special pension to alleviate the hardship to the senior citizens who is the ex-Naval sailors discharged after expiry of initial engagement of 10 + 10 contractual status.

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  • Syed. Zargham Husain Ex.LME No. 94720 says:

    as per my service certificate,I have served Indian Navy for the period of 10 years from 20 September 1969 to 20 September 1979 and 10 years Fleet reserve period from 20 September 1979,mentioned in my service certificate .
    According to above service record I am also eligible for special pension as per SC grant of special pension.
    further as per information furnished by Jayaraj, it seems that the matter of special pension held up with Ministry of defence.
    I very humbly request to Hon’ble Defence Minister to issue a directive to clear the way of Special pension

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