Comment on Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors by Alphonso Miranda.

Dear sanjay
Don’t get heart broken. Our advocates have
Not missed anything. We have lost reserve pension case everywhere except Chennai AFT. supreme court said it is error. Regs
Navy clearly says it is not a right to be in naval reserve unless there is express order from competent authority. Special pension comes to effect after 03 July 76 because disbanding of fleet reserve forces. Supreme court says those joined before this and discharged/released after
This date may be eligible for spl pension
Under navy pension regs 95. Now we cannot blame the lawyers. 2 of our ex navy
10 year sailors lawyers have been fighting
These cases. This spl pension case where
Interpretion is confusing is rule 16 to be
Clarified. Otherwise all 10 year navy sailors have to fight again politically,
Influence the lawmakers to have sympathy
With us. Because we have suffered worst
In our naval tenure less salary,less facilities,bad food,hardships. No one is
Recognised. I feel sorry a P.O. gets VIRCHAKRA but no one cares. Today servicemen r much better. People adore them. Financially they r secure. It is
Unfortunate govt and navy ditched us.

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
I never thought I will get pension at others efforts. I understand the difficulties faced by my brothers. Neither I am a cheering party as mentioned. I was not aware of this developments. When I retired from my govt Bank job when I came to know about this in Apr 2017. Please don’t misunderstand me. I will support u either we win or lose. Today, I have become member. I can understand ur Feelings. I am with u now onwards. Let us Reach everyone. I know u r angry. Please continue for our sake.please remember I am not a cheering Party. I feel the same pain others feeling. I can understand ur feelings.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear fellow sailor, this rule is for
Service pension. Because of strength of
Reserve forces reduced from 03 Jul 76.Those who joined prior to this date
And discharged after this date after
Completing 10 years and more but less than
15 years are eligible for spl. Pension.we have 2 ex navy advocates Mr sahota and niranjan chakraborthy who have fought for
So many years. Don’t lose heart. We r not
Asking normal pension. But spl pension.

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Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Dear fellow sailors
All the effected sailors should come
Together. We must write to newspaper editors write editorials. Meet senior naval officers who retired before 1986.
Meet MPs especially who are ministers.
Request dpposition leaders like Rahul
Gandhi Sonia Gandhi seetharam yechuri
Prakash karat A MIRANDA EX POWTR 104490B

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