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Dear veteran/as we all know that excess of every thing is bad.lot we heard from the comments that our honourable Defence minister has had made a strong recommendation for our we came to know that navpen-navy is yet to receive any direction from Naval HQ.for affecting the said special who will follow up otherwise the justice denied is…… Or the operation is successful but the patient could not be saved.

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear veteran,
As per navpen-navy ppos for special pension under regulation 95 are being served by our record office and it is expected to be completed very soon or may be extended till January 2018
vswa may find out the details.
I convey my regards to sc jain ex-LEMP 95853 (INS HANSA) 78/79 AMIT ROY.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
I Amit Kumar Roy 96083 an ex-LAM
congratulate those hero’s who fought this 40 years long battle
and got the liberation on 14/08/2017.
If our country got the liberation on 15th August then the veterans got liberation on 14/08/17.
Conveying my regards and love to all naval personnel of our Navy

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear veterans, please refer p_d_module and as per pension disbursement module published by the Ministry of defence(finance) as in page 27 of149 guidelines it clearly says that prompt payment in court cases to avoid further litigation, penal charges and interest as well as contempt of court order. Now the officials reposible to please act on this award otherwise such notifications published by you will loose all credibility of the authority. Your delay may cause detrimental effect to our judicial system. Because they are the authority and we all believe them.

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Agony of Indian Navy Fleet Reservist Sailors
Dear all/
we are still waiting for the release long awaited special pension,and all our grievance is kept limited within the veterans but a time
will soon arrive the whole facts
will be reflected in social media and through all print media as well. Hence navy or the goi representatives should inform the veterans now und
Er frustration with their sufferings looking at their age they may have leave this world with pain and shall never claim the pension. Will you tolerate this attitude.

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