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Nothing is going in Favour I don’t think we will get anything from navy
The sad thing I have given my prime period to navy

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Agony of Indian Navy Fleet Reservist Sailors
We r not begging for pension we r asking our rights. we have not breached the contract.
Breached of contract has been done by navy. by not giving us further extension.

Agony of Indian Navy Fleet Reservist Sailors
We have completed the said contract of 10 years of active service. unwilling Ness is when u don’t finish your contact. and leave the service without finishing contract. or deserts.
In Himachai.I have seen people served for ten years government job.and timings from10 am to 5 pm r getting pension after 10 years.
In defence we have signed for 24 hours service
And served for 10 years..and With 24 hours workingday.
And after retirement no pension.
Life was so tough in submarine. officers on board treated us like body was there to sailors.
Punishment was the main tool for us.
As if sailors r ment for punishment.
We r not beginning we have given our prime period that is our youth to this country.and when Left Navy we were unfit for civil society.

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