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GRAND OF SPECIAL PENSION TO EX CAPT (MNS) TT CHINNAMMA who served the Army for 21 years and 8 months including training but did not get any kind of pension. Now she is 71 years and suffering from paralysis due to left thalamic bleed and unable to bear the medical expenses in the evening of her life. A number of grievances sent for redressal to Honourable President, Prime Minister and Defence Minister have been rejected by Army Headquarters on the basis of this Nursing officer has not completed 20 years of service to get minimimum pension It was also requested to pass necessary legislation and order the Department to count the training period to enable the officer to get this minimum pension when soldiers entitled for pension by counting the training period to remove this discrimination to a deserving officer. Now sailors are also entitled to pension for those who served for 15 years.

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Brief of all the labour laws
a number of labour laws such ss Factory Act, Industrial Disputes act, Workmen’s compensation Act etc are enacted to safeguard the interest, working conditions, duty time and welfare of workers. Could I know whether Employees of IT SECTOR – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY are covered by these labour laws or any other law is enacted to safeguard them if they have any grievance such as gender discrimination, harassment and injustices meted out to them to be redressed. also, would like to know the Jurisdiction where the petition of grievance can be filed (Labour Court or Civil )?

Bye Laws of co-operative society
Our CHS was registered on 6 May 2010. I was co opted as EXPERT DIRECTOR in May 2015 as per Bye Law No. 114/116 of 97th amendment. I was removed by passing illegal resolution in 18 Jun 2016 with out having quorum and stated that I have stepped; down which is false I did not tender resignation. I have reported this issue to Dy Registrar who sent my complaint to Society for their comments in which they stated that I am not owner as I reside with my daughter who is the owner. No where it is mentioned that Expert Director should own a flat. In this circumstance I would like to know as to how to sort out this issue. I would like to get the Ministry to whom I can approach to know the exact procedure to remove Expert Director by the Chairman. I am from Pune and in Maharashtra state

Co-operative Society cannot present budget in AGM SGM
I am from PUNE,a senior citizen and retired from Defence and I am not the owner of any flat in our Hsg Soc. My daughter has two flats in our society and I reside with her. Our soc came into being in Jul 2010 solely with my efforts. and have 140 members out of 30 owners reside and 110 are outside and invested and let out and I was Manager from 2010 to Sep 2013 when 17 Defaulters complained to Registrar who appointed Administrator who managed the society from sep 2013 to 31 Mar 2015 and created a debt of 23.3 lakhs. I was co opted as an EXPERT DIRECTOR as per Bye Law of 97th amendment from Jul 2015 and now we have 10 committee members, 3 being reserved for SC/ST due to nonavailability. The Chairman in collusion with Committee passed a resolution and expelled me with out following the procedure such as raising NO CONFIDENCE MOTION and recorded I have stepped down though I have not submitted any resignation letter saying that post will be kept vacant since Federation to help them. Chairman eliminae me to run the society according; to her will and wish with spending unwanted issues such as celebration festivals. My query is that EXPERT DIRECT can be expelled this way and this resolution has any legal standing and there was no proper quorum also. Secondly the chairman inducted her brother who is owner of a flat when 10 general members were already there. if the members exceeds 10 they should conduct election and report to Election authority for their sanction which they have not done. I represented this case to Dy Registrar with other deficiencies prevailed in Soc,(under Sec 32 of MCS ACT to maintain statutory forms mentioned bye law Nos 140 & 141) after 90 days he replied that based on a back dated reply (ie one month back)given by hand to Registrar that I am not owner of any flat in society, thus rejected my representation. Chairman has been suggested by CA that do not take any action against Administrator for the debt created. hence withdrawn from that action.
Could I know whether as a citizen not being owner of any flat file RTI application to get all information about the deficiency as per bye law and Act and initiate action against Registrar, Administrator and Society by my Daughter. or any other recourse available in India for a citizen to bring the corruption to an end. with the help of Govt authority. Is there any threat from the Registrar who may say that I am creating nuisance and does he can initiate any action action against though I have all copy of my representation CM, Min for Hsg Soc and Commissioner co op soc and secretaries. If I get your e mail id I will be able to forward all correspondence.

Hope to get favorable reply. and thanks

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