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It was a long awaited decision that brought cheers to many faces who fought a lone battle with its own Navy for last decade to receive its due entitlements. In enthusiasm, I immediately rushed my claim for special pension to the Officer -In-Charge, Logistics – Pension vide speed post #EM232107675IN dated 7th Dec’16 that was delivered to the above office on 8th Dec’16. But it’s unfortunate that till date the neither I have received any reply nor even an acknowledgement from the navy.
I feel that once again the matter has entangled in the cobwebs of bureaucracy who is bent upon denying the entitlement to the sailors who once were in forefront of 1971 Indo-Pak war( and there has been no war thereafter, but only Shantikaal). This war was not only decisively won but brought grand glory to the nation & Navy.
But today the Navy has forgotten its own heros & has waged a war against its own veterans. Former president of United States, Calvin Coolidge, once told that” a nation which forgets its defenders be itself forgotten.
At this juncture, I feel despondent & dejected, finding no way but to take to the streets demanding my deserving dues. As a matter fact it not the money that matter much to me at the fag end of my life but the honours that I deserve best.
The greatest political strategist Chankya wrote to Raja Chandragupta centuries ago, The day a soldier has to demands its dues will be sad day for Magadha. For then on the day you will have lost all the moral sanction to be a King.
Jai Hind! Jai Jawan !

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
This is inform all, that I contacted NAVPEN Mankhurd, on their toll free No.1800220560 on 23rd March and I am given to understand by the authorities that they have referred the case to Ministry Of Finance for clearance. Accordingly, on receiving the intimation from the said ministry the applicatnts claims will be settled. All those who have applied for special pension may contact on Toll Free Number and enquire about the status giving their official No. and date of submission of application/s.

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Indian Navy Veterans aggrieved for not giving Special Pension
Hundreds of unanswered letters are lying in doldrums for last seven months at NAVPEN and the above will add on to yet another. Unless, we resort to SATYAGRAH or fast unto death at Defence minister residence, nothing can be expected from these indecisive Babus or top naval brass to resolve the longstanding issue. It is time, let us once again join together to fight a second war against this injustice.
Jai Hind, Jai Jawan!

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