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Does the Reserved Car Parking allottee have equal right in Common Parking

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Stilt car parking versus open car parking
Do every member has the right to park their vehicle in open car parking are as well as in the car parking area under the stilt ?

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
Why cant the Registrar not issue circulars in leading newspapers or ask press to cover his instructions against unfair trade practices by the executive committees of Dwarka who are collecting huge sums without sanction of plan.

Unless the prohibitory orders are not issued on receipt of even a single complaint of any society of Dwarka the malpractice will continue.

Can the Delhi Govt issue a warning letter against intention to gather FAR against the interest of flat owners . Let the corruption end.

What can any one do in this ?

Builder told to pay for delaying handing over of flat
Sir, Thanks for finally fighting my case in National Commission. The Builder has agreed to pay
for delaying in handing over of flat. Thanks for your mediation after the case also.

Unfair trade practice under the consumer protection act
Sir, one of our consumer case has not been in our favour from the State Commission. We have decided to file an Appeal before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi. Kindly inform us the name and address of advocate suitable to file the appeal and fight our case for UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE.

Virtual Office mailing address at New Delhi available
Start-up help was superb for us. We came from UP and got our branch office registered for the purpose of GST. Very good service. Thank you Sahota sahib.

Virtual office in New Delhi @ Rs.11,000/- p.a.
Thank you very much Sahota sahib for giving virtual office to me. Superb service in half an hour. Fine legal advice free is appreciable.

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