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Our society is in Dwarka New delhi and in an AGM we paid some lumpsum amount for reserving the stilt parking. Through a lottery process we got the parking slot allocated. Then a rule was made that first car parking is free and 2nd car onwards would be charged Rs.200/- per month for every member. Since my stilt parking slot was bigger in size, I was parking both my cars in that slot. Now the MC is charging Rs.200/- for my second car, although I am not using any extra space of common parking without finalising in the AGM/SGBM. Is this legal

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Managing Committee can not create own basis to impose charges
Ours is a registered society and completion certificate is just on the way. Does MC have the powers to levy any charges they feel fit or the AGM has to approve it first

Managing Committee can not create own basis to impose charges
We are staying in a society with self draw in dwarka new delhi. we also do not have a completion certificate. our MC has levied charges/penalities on various counts like drying clothes outside, transporting bycycles in lifts, parking of two wheelers in covered parking etc without taking approval of AGM. Are these charges valid. If the AGM also passes these charges, are they legally tenable.

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