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The Managing Committee of Media Cooperative Group Housing Society, Plot No.18A, Sector-7, dwarka, New Delhi-110075 decided not to allow second car of the residents of the society. Every resident is allotted individual space for parking one car in the stilt area. Second car was not allowed inside so far due to shortage of space in stilt parking. But recently, two cars are being parked on open and common space on payment basis. I came to know that Managing Committee took this decision on its own. Is it legal to allow second car parking on open and common space on payment basis?

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RWA has to function under MC of CGHS
Can the Managing Committee of CGHS fix maintenance charges arbitrarily. Is approval from General Body mandatory. If it is not approved by the General Body which is supreme in CGHS, what legal course is available.

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I am a resident of B-505, Media Society, Plot no- 18A, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi. I am member of the Society and original allottee of the house.

The Managing Committee of our Society is constructing an additional room in the society without following the procedure laid down by DDA. The MC members are misguiding the residents that they have already talked the DDA officers and MC has got green signal from DDA officers with a condition that the matter should be kept very secret. The moment construction is complete, DDA will regularize the illegal construction by charging the penalty which is a nominal amount.

I have been continuously requesting the Managing Committee to complete the legal formalities/ procedure before starting the construction but no heed was paid to my request. We, three members wrote a letter to MC in this regard in the month of November 2013. They ignored our letter and started construction.

No map is yet approved by DDA. I have confirmed it from Director, Shri Amit Das. If the additional room is within approved FAR, then the map prepared by a competent Architect must be submitted to DDA for approval.

Our society has 98 members. The Managing Committee consists of 6 members, of which five are the following office bearers and one Executive member. Her name is Kshipra Biswas.

Soundeep Shanker (President)
Rita Manchanda (Vice President)
Brij Bhardwaj (Vice President)
Sanjay Jha (Secretary)
Girija Shankar Kaura (Treasurer)

Presently, Only Secretary is residing in the society flat. Sondeep Shankar, Brij Bhardwaj and Girija Shankar Kaura have rented out their flats. Rita Manchanda has not yet shifted while the allotment was done on 9th Nov. 2012. Kshipra Biswas has given her flat to her brother. Almost the entire committee is non-resident. How do they look after the welfare of the residents.
Moreover, the MC is spending heavy amount without taking approval in General Body Meeting. For Example-
1.One AC and one LCD was installed in the society office.
2. About four dozen CCTV cameras were installed in the society premises.
3. Maintenance charges were fixed at Rs. 2500 per month.
4. Car parking charges for the blood relation guests such as daughters, brothers etc. were fixed and charged Rs. 100 per night.
5. About 100 chairs purchased.
6. Rent for community hall was fixed Rs. 2500 for 3-4 hours.

Kindly suggest me, what sort of legal action we may take.

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