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Due to increased population of vehicles in the urban cities, and constructed places for the parking of two and four wheeler vehicles, of the members of co-op housing society, have to face conflicts of the interest and the legal rights, Are their standard or model rules ? regulations ? Laws ? to Avoid these. ?

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Know your bank balance by sms at all times
Why cant they inform every transaction before being entering in to ledger with credi or debit balances + or – whateevar the case may be ?

Know your bank balance by sms at all times
Why Only Bankbalace, Why they cant inform all the transactions – Cheqecks credits Debits with Balance, Cash Withraws Credits With Balance, Charges and Intrests credit Debits and Dues if any & Balace ? Infact every traction before entering in to ledgers ?

Builder to pay Rs.20000 pm penalty for delay
Are theas services applicable in the State Of Maharastra, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchavad MC, Talegaon and Thane, Greater Bombay Municipal Corporation ?

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