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Hello, I stay in a co-operative society in ghaziabad as tenant. Recently my society sold open parking space. I have a couple of concerns over here.
1) Is selling of open parking space legal ?
2) i have 2 cars. One car I park in a slot “bought” by my landlord and other I park in a slot of some other house which doesn’t have a car as of now after due agreement from the tenants of that house. Now the society secretary is harassing me to also take the consent of the landlord of that house. I find it harassing as the parking space is for rent along with house so the tenant should should be able to say on this for the duration of his stay. What would be the legal position on this ?
3) my society secretary uses multiple parking spaces that too right under his house whereas other slots are spread far from houses. Is this fair ? How are the parking lots to be distributed ?
4) with reference to pt 2 above can the society charge any money for open parking as a monthly charge for my second car ? If they do , is there any way I can ensure that I am not the only one being harassed by them.

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