Comment on Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India by S M HAQUE 95074 EX LSIG.

Please post the result of judgement of today’s hearing of e
Eligibility (24/11/17)and final criteria of special
Pension ie as perSC ‘s order joined before 76 and
released after 76

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Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Is it correct that a sailor joined before 1976 and released after 1976?
And unwillingness opted before released oncmpletion of10years active service with naval authority’s satisfication will elgibile for
Special pension as per hon’ble SC ‘s order dated27/10/16?who can

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Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
LLetme know the latest news about special pension
With regards

9+6 and 10+10 Active+Reservist category denied Pension
I am in financial distress in this old age of 66as I am experiencing in this old age of 66 I expect early payment of special pension. Thank you.

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