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Dear Satishji,
Thanks for giving the details of Naval Pension Office .
Many of us have gone there before but everyone knows what happened. Babus there was waiting for clearance from higher ups.
Has the Pension office got the orders from higher-ups ?
Has pension office started accepting the applications ?
As you are asking to deposit the documents you must be knowing the outcome of Review Petition filed by Navy .
What happened exactly ?
I am asking this question ….because one of our brothers have said in comment that Supreme Court has passed order last month to give pension to these sailor.
Second brother says Review Petition is due for hearing today (10 August 2017 )
You are saying submit the documents and we will get our pension.
Let us bring some clarity to this issue and tell the truth.
Some of our brothers who are living in different parts of India might travel to Mumbai to check the reality and submit the documents.
So if some one has real information please share it as soon as possible. This will really help people in need.

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Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
I am Ex-sailor and has done 10 years in Navy. My family and friends were eagerly waiting for court outcome. Something came out from Supreme Court on 14 th August 2017 and everyone was happy. You can imagine the celebration in every 10 years served sailor’s house.
Happiness lasted for a week. Navy and Ministry of Defence played dirty trick and misinterpreted the Supreme Court decision proving majority of sailors are not eligible for pension.
Many learned Advocates are lost in translating the Supreme Court decision.
If Decision was that important why was it not given in simple English ?
Decision should have mentioned Special Pension can be given or it can not be given .
Judge wasted time in writting 40 pages rubbish judgement which nobody understands.
Everybody knows our legal system is bogus. It takes years to deliver simple decision even 7 th Standard school going boy can tell you what is right and what is wrong.
It is time think deeply about burning this junk book called Constitution and do the new start.
For getting justice for these sailors ….forget it we will never get it.
There is only one way……
Tell your Member of Parliament to make big noise in Parliament in next session about how Jawans are treated in this country during their old age. Then Defence Minister along with his Secretaries will start running around and interpret decision right way.
There is no short cut to this all these sailors are old and can not fight with help of this dirty constitution having rules with many loopholes. 40 years legal fight is enough now look for other means.
Jai Hind

Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Thank you for fighting for right cause till the end. You will get blessings and best wishes from the
families and friends of these brave sailors who have been fighting for last 40 years.
God bless you.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Dear Ravi ….Thank you for such a beautiful news. Only problem is it one month late.Nobody has got any information about this. If you say Naval Pay and Pension office will disburse the pension in next four weeks . That means latest by August 15 we will be free to enjoy independence day with Pension money in our pocket.
Do you know what happened in the court ? Where we can read the details ? If you have more information please write in detail.
Thank you once again for sharing information with us.

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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
someone has to take up the case again and tell court how the judgement was misinterpreted by Navy and MOD.

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Case goes on for years. Lot of Advocates from both the side fight the case so long defending their own view points.
Finally Judge writes the judgement in his English which nobody can interpret.
Everybody celebrated. Navy & MOD thought they won and Sailors thought they won.
Nobody including Judge knows what he has written in his judgement.
Judges did not understand what the case is. They need to hear it again and understand what sailors are requesting and then deliver the judgement.
If you say anything against the judgement it will be considered contempt of court.
What a justice system ?
Wastage of time ?
So many days innocent sailors are fighting how long system wants them to fight? They are old , do not have money , can not attend hearings every now and then. Their near and dear are advising them stop fighting against people as they are against you and will keep you busy for whole life.
Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.
Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Supreme Court Judgment is totally fraud.
Advocates from our end missed the point.

Judgement says anyone who has given unwillingness to continue further is not Eligible for pension.

Dear Judges without giving unwillingness you would continue further . To come out after 10 years service everyone will have to sign the form to express his unwillingness (to continue further)
Based on that sailor is released after 10 years service.
If you use that as basic condition no sailor with 10 years service is eligible for pension.

Then what non sense is that anyone who has given unwillingness will not be eligible for pension.
To understand this sailors are fighting for 40 years and judges are interpreting it 40 years Navy is playing the dirty game for forty years sailors are appealing the Supreme the next decision of 10,000 pages will come after forty years and interesting part ……No sailor with 10 years service will be alive to hear that judgement after forty years.
As usual Prime Minister, President and many more will be giving floral tribute to the memorials of Solders / Sailor who has sacrificed their lives serving nation for more than forty years.
Long Live My Nation My Nation.
Bharar Mata Ki Jai.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Itna sannata kyo hai Bhai ?
What happened to the Pension to 10 years served sailors ?
Who is eligible who is not ?
Supreme Court delivered the verdict in a language even experienced advocates could not understand ?
After that Navy and MOD went back into cheating mode.
Ex-sailors went back into consultation as what language to be used in next application.
They are submitting application with the hope of not hearing the verdict again because all of them including me will be dead.
Our request to God is not to put us in Navy in our next birth. We will prefer to become farmer because we will get subsidy and other benefits. If we join Navy again we will not get the justice because Navy and MOD are saying HUM NAHI SUDHRENGE.

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
I got confused . Someone is fighting with you for 40 years . You are old , helpless and depend on your children for your day-to-day expenses. You feel so helpless. You are requesting Government to help you which is rightfully yours and the Supreme Court also admitted that we deserve the Special Pension for the services we rendered. Now the people who were supposed to help us in getting pension are opposing us tooth and nail.

Why we should have compassion and mutual respect for these crooks?
And what is this logic it is their duty to oppose us ? No Sir . They can do their duty by helping us in our case.
Their are some dirty brains working with negative attitude and are very happy in denying what even Supreme Court has agreed to give.
I think in Court also we should learn to use simple sentences of English. Now what Supreme Court has said —- we interpreted we won , Navy and MOD has thought they won .

Now to get right interpretation people are advising to file CONTEMPT OF COURT case .

This will take long time. We all will be dead by then.
We must not forget to give our addresses to Navy so that in future when letter from Navy comes to our Grand children, they will have second thought over joining Navy as they will tell how efficient the Navy is and how it treated my grand father and his colleagues.

Farmers were paid 70000 Crores by last Govt. Now Maharashtra Govt. is trying to help farmers by giving another 35000 crores. When it is time to help JAWAN why everyone is shying away.

Reason is Senior men in Uniform in Naval Headquarters are the opposing every good move to help the Sailors and Ex-sailors. Officers in Navy always had tendency of suppressing sailors.
They are showing same tendency here. Losing the case in Supreme Court is hurting their ego and that is the main issue.
Some problems are easy , some are difficult , some are complicated , and some are made more complicated . Our problem is made more complicated so solution is not easy.
May God give them wisdom to think rationally.

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