Comment on Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India by Alphonso Miranda.

Dear fellow sailors
All the effected sailors should come
Together. We must write to newspaper editors write editorials. Meet senior naval officers who retired before 1986.
Meet MPs especially who are ministers.
Request dpposition leaders like Rahul
Gandhi Sonia Gandhi seetharam yechuri
Prakash karat A MIRANDA EX POWTR 104490B

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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Dear fellow sailors
Many of us think we should represent to President PM Chief justice of India
And other authorities.

Now this case had already reached
Highest legal body supreme court and dicision already given including contempt petition on 14 Aug 2017.
Now Navy thinks they need not to honour the judgement because no one
Fulfilled the condition. We affected
Sailors feel we should get spl pension. Naval pension office may have
Got unwritten orders not to respond to our query. I don’t think any useful
Purpose will be served by representing
Highest authorities. It will be waste
Of time and energy. Those authorities
Will be forward the representation to
Concerned authorities and no result will come. VSWA is aware of the developments and they are fighting this case by rti And legally. Let us
Support them by becoming members and
Let us strengthen their hands.
Let us hope to see light at the end
Of tunnel. Complements of the season
To all belowed.

EX POWTR 104490B

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Now if the present judgement to be interpreted by layman other than legal
Experts, no sailors will get spl pension. Because everyone is released/discharged under rule 16.those who discharged under SNLR not
Eligible. If somebody ‘re engaged after 10 years and requested for discharge before completing 15 yrs becomes eligible for spl pension.
I don’t think honourable supreme court
Meant that. I request our ex navy advocates to clarify from constitutional expert lawyers please.
Kindly let us know further course of action please.

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Section 16 of navy act 1957 says all sailors are entitled for discharge on expiry of engagement unless CNS wants them to continue or they are ‘re enrolled or ‘re engaged.

Under section 95 spl pension may be granted to sailors who are not trfd to
Fleet reserve and discharged in large no in pursuance of govt policy by discontinuing fleet reserve w.e.f 03 Jul 76.

Please refer SC judgement para 15.
The applicants assert that none of the applicants opted for discharge. That however does not mean they would in fact continued to be in fleet reserve.

Then SC says all sailors joined before 03 Jul 76 and discharged after this date and served more than 10yrs but less than 15 yrs may be entitled for spl pension subject to fulfilling other conditions that they are not discharged under rule 16.
Actually this is little confusing.
I don’t understand what honourable SC mean to say to be confirmed.
According to my understanding
All sailors who were on active service have lost chance to be in fleet reserve due it’s discontinuation as a
Matter of govt policy. Although placing in fleet reserve through express orders. So all sailors deemed be placed in fleet reserve but it’s
Disbanded all sailors discharged in
Large no and they are entitled for
Spl pension.

Now most of us are talking about
Unwillingness. Unwillingness is
For service pension.and not for fleet
Reserve. Please remember we are
Asking spl pension and not service

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
I agree with Biswas, let us not hate anyone. Everyone trying to protect their job. But I feel NAVY ONLY discarding its
10 year sailors. Air force having 9 plus 6. Army was helping its soldiers always. Navy is only force which was engaging sailors for 10 years to deny them pension.
Even removing them from reserve after 17 years. What suffering we had undergone
No one knows. Govt gave assurance they will implement order within 2 weeks. Now navy says out of 40 sailors only 5 eligible remaining gave uneillingness. I understand this a trick by navy to prove
In front of sc that they have implemented
Their order to avoid contempt. When navy Say they do not have records since 1948 for
Regarding everything through RTI. They cannot lie further. Why MOD is so much
Adamant. It is navy advised them to go
Against us through litigitation. We r fighting for 40 years. After all we may die without pension. Does not natter.let
Govt pay 100 crores to lawyers. But let
Them make us beggars. This not Nehru’ s
Socialism. But modhi’ s capitalism.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
I never thought I will get pension at others efforts. I understand the difficulties faced by my brothers. Neither I am a cheering party as mentioned. I was not aware of this developments. When I retired from my govt Bank job when I came to know about this in Apr 2017. Please don’t misunderstand me. I will support u either we win or lose. Today, I have become member. I can understand ur Feelings. I am with u now onwards. Let us Reach everyone. I know u r angry. Please continue for our sake.please remember I am not a cheering Party. I feel the same pain others feeling. I can understand ur feelings.

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