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Thanks veteran sailors for sharing this keep posting further fact its quite encouraging to know that our two groups have already gone to sup court with contempt application.

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Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Dear all vaswa veterans today we can truly feel the freshness of freedom. Freedom from the tyranny of our authorities. Who never dealt judiciously with us. Treated us like 2nd class of citizens & worthless slaves. The officers upon whom we l9ked with hope always betrayed us. Had it not been the hon.supreme court who would’ve given us justice. Now here even after this decisive victory pls don’t rest assured on judicious implementation of this verdict. They cannot refrain from playing dirty tricks. So be ready to knock the doors of judiciary in near future. Long live INDIA & enjoy 71st INDEPENDENCE DAY. THANKS.

Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Dear veterans an important judgement was imparted by the hon.supreme court on 10july in this order in reply to contempt notice 911/2017 ASG Maninder Singh agreed while submitting that respondnets has already agreed to sanction pension that was directed by the court in its order2147/2011 &same will be disbursed within four view of this order we may expect some favourable correspondence from our naval pay & pension office. Thanks

Special Pension to so far neglected Naval Sailors of India
Dear friends I’m not sure if navy has moved a review petition in supreme court. But if it has,it is only to escape stigma of contempt. As court these days is very harsh on contempt of court plea. In any case our case is very nicely contested & the verdict by the hon.court is classic & flawless. The only concern we all may have is undue delay being caused by all these authorities & no one is ready to take blame. Navy says taking time to give directives &m.o.d.says navy is not keen in the matter.we very well understand the cunning & stubborn attitude of our dear navy who kept us doldrums till to date. Friends I’ve seen it time& again that shrewd & cleaver take maximum benefits where as genuine cases like us are denied justice. Have patience our days are around the corner now . Thanks advocate hi for ur unflinching support & guidelines

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Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Dear veterans pls stay united. Our case is due for hearing in sip. Court on 8th Jan. Have faith in our judiciary if we’ve come this far with a strong judgement in our favour; we can’t afford to lose this war. We r definitely going to win come what may. Ravinder ex LPM 9418850167

Latest news on Special Pension by SC to neglected sailors of Navy
Dear Arjun & veteran friends,explation given by Arjun on verdict is absolutely true. This was very well explained verdict by hon.s/c, leaving no doubt whatsoever. But friends we are dealing with folk of most cunning & shrewd bunch of people sitting in Naval pay& pension office.who will not leave any stone unturned to deny us our legitimate right. And how can we forget all this. Nevertheless friends this it won’t be easy for them. Judiciary, the strongest pillar of our society is by our side this time. Pls just stay alert & united. And never forget they’ll have to cough out 9% interest for the delay they àre causing in releasing payment. Thanks all pls stay fit to enjoy the bounty.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear veteran friends a giant leap finally towards our goal. Now hopefully nothing should hinder implementation of great verdict of Hon.Supreme Court. Our patience & persistent efforts would yield results. Weldone friends.3 cheers for great victory.

Supreme Court grants Special Pension to ex-Naval Sailors
Dear mukho pleased with ur positive attitude.u r right we r just at the threshold of success. Navy & m.o.d.having exhausted all the tricks r bound to grant our pension one of the civil contempt petion hearing they’be been given nice dressing by the supreme court & now will be required to act in four week’s let us some new trick of our super smart authorities. Ex LPM RAVINDER FROM INS VIRBAHU.

Indian Navy Veterans aggrieved for not giving Special Pension
Dear naval veteran friends it’s true sahota sir has very elaborately presented the facts to all concerned decision makers. But we still may not get our rightful without getting supreme court intervening into this matter again. Because where govt is so indecisive we cannot hope for justice. Sup.court knew this fact quite well &that is why they’ve kept a rider of 9% interest for the delay caused for payment. Nevertheless our patience is thinning with each days delay. And they are compelling US to do something unpleasant. Pls have little more patience very soon we would be hearing some positive news. Till that time do regular yoga to remain fit & healty. We need to enjoy our achievement with good healty & peaceful mind. Thanks

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