Signature compaign is not valid in Societies resolution




Rule 60 of the DCS Rules, 2007 specify Meetings of the Committee-


(1) A committee of a co-operative society shall exercise all the powers of the Co-operative society, discharge all the duties as may be specified in its bye-laws by means of resolutions passed at its meetings. No resolution shall be passed by circulation to the members of its committee.

(2) A committee shall meet as often as required but a meeting shall be held at least once in every month in case of primary co-operative societies and once in three months in case of federal co-operative societies and financing bank

(3) The notice of meeting shall be given to each member of the committee in writing under the signature of the president or secretary or chief executive officer/ managing director at least five days prior to the date of meeting and such notice shall be served to the member either personally or by post under certificate of posting. In case, the notice is sent by post services, it shall be deemed to be effective after the expiry of forty eight hours after the letter containing the notice is posted properly, addressing, prepaying, and posting it.

Provided that if a member has intimated to the co-operative society in advance that notice of a meeting should be sent to him by registered post with or without acknowledgement due and has deposited a sum sufficient to defray the expenses of doing so, the service of notice shall not be deemed to be effective unless it is sent by registered post.

However, in case of an emergent meeting, the service of notice shall be made by hand ensured at least twenty four hours the time of the meeting.

(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in the bye-laws, the committee shall cause minutes of meeting to be entered in the book for the purpose in handwritten at the spot in presence of members present and voting. The minutes of each meeting shall contain the names of the members present, names of the members, if any, dissenting from or not concurring in and of its resolutions. At the end of the minutes each member present and voting shall put his signature. If the minutes are not made and recorded in this manner they shall not be considered valid and under such circumstances, it shall be presumed that no meeting was held:


Provided that in case of urban cooperative banks, federal co-operative societies or apex co-operative. societies and urban cooperative thrift and credit societies, the minutes shall be signed by the Chairman or President, Secretary or Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer and shall be confirmed in the next meeting of the committee.

(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in the bye-laws, the quorum for a committee shall be one third of the total number of the members of committee subject to a minimum of three.



  • Dr Varsha sharma says:

    Hi I want to get some advice but don’t want to discuss publicly about it kindly tell me about the fee and other essentials for meeting our telephonic conversation if possible or if discussions can be done by personal email

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  • satinder anand says:

    hi, i would like to know that can a resolution be passed in a co-operative housing society by raising of hands. We saw a stunt played by some of commitee members that they passed maintenance charges of rs.2 per sq.ft on all with some of committe members n their known ones raising hand..

    There was no signature taken on the maintenance resolution by any of the owners of the flat. Now when we revolted they said they have recording of people raising hands for 2rs.sq ft mainteance. Can we society owners challenge this.

    second question is that.. the commitee members decided to close club house n start their society office their,, without any consent or writen request to any one. they are taking vague decisions on their own..

    when we revolt they turn off the elevator power off to harass us and say they are saving power for the society.

    2days back around 100 society members gathered and asked to stop all this nonsense and the committee resigned with chairman..

    n they challenged us that they wont allow us to form new committee. what to do

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  • satinder anand says:

    I would also like to know that after they resigned they said that they will be utilising society fixed deposit to pay electricity bills and other expenses. can they do it..

    want to know.. please help me with what shud we do.. what does law say about it

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