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There is a leakage in my flat from above flat since one year. Above flat owner given the flat for rent and staying in other city. After number of requests, he agreed to repair with 50-50 of sharing the repair expenses. We have engaged the seepage expert. We have spent about 15,000/- shared by each other. Even though, the problem of leakage has not been resolved. The flat owner said no more money will be spent and nor allowing to repair it. Leakage expert suspecting that there will be a pipe break, and suggested to break bathroom tiles to find out the cause of leakage. There may be a major repair. I have sent a mail to the flat owner. On repeated requests the flat owner is not giving any response.
Sir, in such situation what is to be done? Can I go to consumer court, will the case be strong? What are the sections?
Kindly advice.

S C Rao

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Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
sir, I wish to thank you for your free and prompt reply. I decided to go legally to solve the seepage problem in my flat.

I have consulted legal expert at Vishakhapatnam, AP. He said that owner address is required to proceed legally.

The flat owner given the flat for rent. The flat owner is working outside the country and comes frequently to Hyderabad where his family is residing. Tenant is not providing the address of the owner, saying that he doesn’t have his address and contacts over phone only.
In such situation please advise me how to proceed legally? Can the legal notice to be given to tenant? what is the way to proceed legally, if the house owner’s address is not available?


S Chandrasekhar Rao

Upper floor flat owner not repairing his toilet seepage
Sir/Madam, I am flat owner in one Group Housing society situated in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and residing on 2nd floor and there is a constant leakage from the kitchen, and balcony from the flat situated at 3rd floor (flat situated above my flat) which has been increasing with time. For solving the problem, I personally brought the problem to the knowledge of 2nd floor owner for several times. Initially he did not give any response but finally he has agreed to carry out repairs in his flat.. I had hired a water proofing expert to carry out the repairs, the problem is not resolved even after the treatment and the leakage still continues. The repair charges were born by both. I also approached the society for this issue. The Office bearer of Society verbally replied that it is the issue of owners residing at 2nd and 3rd floor and society is not responsible and answerable for this. He is not repairing this by himself by which the situation raised. The situation is getting worse day by day. Now my family is compel to residing in unhygienic condition especially in kitchen area.In the light of above facts, Please suggest; whether I should take up the matter according to law? What are provisions exist in law? What can be done? Regards.

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