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Several Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) are on a war footing after a local court recently ruled out that the residents are not liable to pay any kind of maintenance charges to the associations. The RWAs stress that funds are required for the upkeep of the area.

THE recent order by a local court that RWAs cannot force residents to pay maintenance charges has affected many associations.

However, RWAs of Dwarka, apparently, are not affected by the ruling. As the associations still maintain that they cannot leave maintenance issues on the municipal corporation, they also say that all residents cannot be forced for the same as it will only develop gaps between the RWA and the residents.

Meanwhile, residents claim that sometimes giving maintenance charges to the RWAs is better than leaving the work related to parks and roads on the municipal corporation.

There are more than 50 RWAs in the DDA pockets and hundreds of managing committees in cooperative group housing societies in Dwarka. The subject of subscription is a topic of discussion between the RWA and the residents and a majority of residents and RWA advocate the subscription amount in the favour of the welfare of the particular society.

Both the parties expressed their views on the subject of security primarily as the facility of guards to keep the societies safe is one of the most demanding aspects for which RWAs need support from the side of the residents in the form of maintenance charge which is very nominal in the DDA pockets and varies from Rs 100- 200.

RWA president Radhika Apartments, SS Chowhan says, “There are 976 flats in our apartment and we charge Rs 100 as maintenance charge. But about 100-150 flats do not pay this amount. Though we float circulars and appeal them to pay the amount but we do not force them. But ideally if people are availing facilities provided by the RWA they should not hesitate in paying this nominal sum.”

President of RWA Sector 14 Om Apartments Rakesh Godara agrees. “Without any fund, how can RWAs run? Without payment, RWA cannot afford the security guards which are very important for the pocket. Here there are 864 flats out of which 100 are vacant and another 100 flats are not paying the subscriptions amount. People should understand the importance of their contribution which helps us to keep the society maintained.”

General secretary of RWA, DDA Sector 5 SFS flats, Mahesh Gupta says on the court’s verdict and news. “I read the news and it was very clear that for the pockets of DDA in Dwarka that particular thing is not possible. It was clearly mentioned that those flats which are vacant and not availing the facilities of RWA are not liable to pay. Here in our pocket residents pay the subscription amount and we maintain our security and horticulture part as well from that support. Also in our allotment letters, it has been mentioned that those who avail the facilities given by RWA are liable to pay the subscription amount of Rs 150.”

Residents too advocate the subscription amount in the DDA pockets. A resident of Om Apartments, PL Dhingra who also supports the subscription charge says, “It should be made mandatory for all because it is our duty to support our society. Rs 100 is a very nominal amount and against that we get security and other support.”

It is our responsibility to keep our society secure and safe. If guards are there they would be paid and for that RWA or any organisation responsible for that should be supported. If one is not paying the amount then the security and other things would be missing and affect the pocket.

“Mansukh Sharma, resident, Sector 14”

Without funds, RWAs cannot afford security guards, who are necessary for security purposes. People should understand the importance of their monetary contribution which helps us to keep the society maintained.

“Rakesh Godara, President, Om Apartments”



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  • Sudhanshu 701 says:

    I am writing you to clear some queries regarding forming Residents welfare association in the society(DDA),
    Below are some points i need to get clarification on :

    1) Any professional who owns a Flat in society & runs professional activity but doesn’t reside there is eligible to form RWA.?

    2)Is it possible to cancel Registration of RWA if majority of society members(90%) don’t support it.(If Yes then please tell whats the procedure)

    3)As residents who are suffering due to this , what remedies are available for us.
    As to form a RWA one has to be a resident , can people who just Own property but don’t reside their & are running Professional units instead be termed as residents.

    Please note m not against any profession but its creating nusiance in residential society

    Awaiting your reply sir

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  • XX says:

    Hi…I live in Lajpat Nagar-II, C block. I have been paying Rs200 per month to RWA for maintenance. Now they are asking to pay 500. Pls suggest where to complain and what to do. Thanks

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  • Arun says:

    Is it possible to form “RWA” in “police colony”.
    And colony people(apartment owners) are liable to pay any kind of “money” to RWA members.
    IS RWA has any power to forcly make us to pay maintenance money to them.
    And what I can do against them.

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  • ANKUR says:



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  • Arnav says:

    This is to know about whether a person from a particular locality on his/her own declare himself/herself to be the President of a particular RWA without being elected from the residents? Can this be challenge, if yes, on what grounds ?

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  • panakaj says:

    Resident Welfare Association (RWA) come under which Govt. Authority. RWA is answerable to which Govt. Authority. Whom should I write a RTI to if I want to ask question from the RWA where we live ? Please do advise.

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  • arun says:

    I stay in dda colony in ashok vihar we had been paying annual subscription for the last 20 years but now management has gone in hands of some you may call anti social elements ,according to them 125 flat owners had stopped paying for different reasons The management has issued a circular where they do not allow any vehicle without colony sticker on it so far so good but i understand that sticker is the right of all residents whether the payments has been done or not,moreover some residents having sticker on cars but not paying are allowed to enter colony without making entry in register put up at entry gates Is colony sticker on sale. Is management justified in doing so?

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  • amit says:

    hi the RWA in my society in noida, still doesn’t have a handover From the builder. all residents pay maintenance to builder.
    however since rws are fighting a legal case against builder, agm has passed a mandatory payment of rs.17000 pet flat towards case. RWA membership fee is rs.3000
    many residents do not wish to fight the case, however when they try to move into their flats, rwa goons stop their entry and only allow flat owners to move into their house once rs.17000 are cleared , even though they have paid the rs.3000 membership charges.

    can RWA stop entry of residents into their own homes if there are uncleared dues??

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  • Faran Siddiqui says:

    I am a resident of Army Residential area where funds are provided for upkeep and maintinence through Cantonment boards and army Station Headquarters. Despite this an order has been passed and charges are increased twice in a year. The RWA is not even elected and funds are used as per discretion of the Chairman. The GBM is also not known to be held. what is the rule of delhi government on this matter does it equally applies to Army colonies.

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  • arun says:

    WE both senior professional citizens live in in dda sfs colony for the the last 22 years We have been contributing to RWA subscription regularly but for the last two years we have stopped it and RWA has passed an order by which we have to make entry in register while we enter colony like other non residents coming to colony. A sticker of colony on your vehicle is the critieria for entry.We think sicker on our vehicles is the fundamental right of all residents and it should be provided by RWA to all residents since we all are paying all kind of taxes to the Govt.. We both are being harrased by RWA (most of the management people are property dealers)since we are not contributing for the last 2 to 3 years and being treated like criminals Please advice
    Where i can lodge a complaint ,Is contribution a must , Can RWA treat it residents like criminals,what is my right in the case, Is RWA authorised to make it own rules which they try to impose on residents

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  • Gurpreet says:


    Few people have created a RWA for a very small part of the road and now that are planning to install gates. One of the gates are getting installed right infront of my shop due to which we have to bear huge loses. The RWA was foemed on a mixed land use land.
    Please confirm how can I stop them. Please confirm you number in case I have to call you for the same

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  • MANISH Kumar says:

    Sir , I have one question in our housing complex there are 24 flats and the maintenance charges are quite high and It is unbearable to pay as I am a senior citizen and they continually force us to pay even there is annual maintenance fee also..How many times a maintenance has been charged ? is it justifiable to ask someone out of the pockets ?

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  • Chander Tokas says:

    My name is chander and i am recoding in platinum heights dda flats sector 18b dwarka till last month rwa maintenance charges was 700 but now they are asking 1000 rupees is it fair and what happens when i refuse to pay is it illegal
    Please help me for the same

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  • Rakesh says:

    We were allotted a DDA house in dwarka in 2013, samridhi appartment in sector 18b of dwraka. The house was vacant for since it was not in a livable situation as construction of towers were still going on. Now in 2017 we have got the electricity connection and moved in. There was an RWA formed in 2013 with only 30% residents. The RWA is now demanding maintenance charged from 2014 from all house owners, even if their flats were vacant. The RWA did not contact all house owners when the RWA was formed. They never raised this maintenance issue with any of the flat owners whose house were vacant. Now when we were shifting, they did not allow our truck to enter the premises and demanded money for past dues to allow entry of our truck. The police were called to help us and the police instructed the guards to allow us in.
    Now i want to know: 1. can RWA levy charges from owners even if theeir flats are vacant?
    2. Can RWA stop residents from entering their houses if dues are pending?
    3. Since we and other owners were never called for formation of RWA and never informed of the decisions can the RWA decision be imposed on us?
    4. RWA is now threatening us if we dont pay.

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  • RAJEEV says:

    Dear Sir
    Thanx for the useful information.
    Can RWA forcefully close all the colony gates full time or even for some hours
    my mail id is
    with regards

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  • Residents says:

    Dear Sir, In pocket 5 sector 25 Rohini there is already a registered RWA but mostly its members are either the plot owners who don’t live there or labours who have been kept as chaukidar for the plots by property dealers. The present RWA have been taking whatever funds Govt and aides give but even after 20 years of RWA formation the pocket does not have even park boundaries. The RWA takes monies from even the property dealers doing construction in the pocket but funds where it is used is never shared to the residents.

    The present RWA was formed in 2011 since then there has been no election and since the RWA has some approach in Deptt it has got it extended by 3 yrs at present without any election done in the pocket since 2011. Most of the residents are upset with the way the present RWA is working and not paying any heed to the residents requirements , the present RWA works for personal interest and not residents.

    What is the solution can we get the present RWA derecognized by some method as all the pockets at least have boundaries in 20 years of RWA function but here in the pocket nothing has been done , or how can the residents form new RWA and the new RWA should get the aids from Govt.

    Please guide us if there is something we can do for the pocket and residents development.

    Regards, Residents

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  • DHARAM says:

    You may demand the copy of Memorandum of present registered RWA. All is written on there what you want to know . Any 15 or more members can apply & get registered a Society under society act 1860.

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  • Pooja gandhi says:

    Hello sir . We live in DDA flats pitampura NP block. Here , we are in big trouble because of the RWA head of the area . We the NP block resident did not get parking and they themselves started the fashion of blocking the road with their two wheelers for parking .
    Here the rule should be first come first parking .
    We request you to cancel the rwa membership or ‘re election to be done .

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  • Davesh says:

    I’m staying in DDA’s 10 stories flat in Dwarka, New Delhi. Flat was purchased in Sept’ 2015 and I moved into the flat in June 2017. DDA charged Rs. 5 lakhs to all flat owners for maintenance for a period of 30 years (30 year period is not yet over). I’ve been paying MCD taxes since the occupation. Society members also formed an RWA and charge Rs. 500 per month for services like garbage cleaner, parks maintenance, plumber, electrician. My questions:
    1) Is it mandatory to become RWA member?
    2) Is it mandatory to pay RWA membership fees even when the flat was not occupied?
    3) Can RWA restrict residents from becoming a member?

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  • B.S.Dhillon says:

    Dear sir please let me know legal view point on query as under

    can a non-member become a member of management committee of resident welfare association.


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  • Gopa Banerjee says:

    Sir can a family who purchased a basement exclusively for office use and stay in Another colony and their names are in the voters list in that colony – contest and hold executive positions in this society where they have an office??

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  • B.S.Dhillon says:

    Can a flat owner who does not stay in society is eligible to become member of MC or sub committee formed by MC?

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  • B.S.Dhillon says:

    Please explain sir how flat owner in a society staying far away or residing out side the RWA complex can give his services by becoming member Of management committee?

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  • B.S.Dhillon says:

    Can the president of rwa issue warning letter to the Secretary without discussion in MC meeting without giving Showcause notice for any lapse and displaying on society notice board without the knowledge of the concerned member?

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  • Mr Singh says:

    In B3B Janak Puri president of society is a property dealer & he misbehaves with others he beats his vo worker or poor man with rods even he hit one member of society with rod I think we should all get together to tackle with these kind of goons. Many flat owner is not paying maintinance due to association behaviour.

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  • MR. MEHROTRA says:

    Is it mandatory to pay monthly subscription to rwa in vasant kunj dda flats?

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  • 9811274438 says:

    RWA has written in Notice Board defaulter to tarnish my name in the society. Can I file defamation suit.

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  • J. K. Sinha says:

    1. Can RWA force the residents to take its paid additional services to increase the subscription amount ?
    2. kindly send me the copy of the judgement “RWA subscription by choice”

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  • JKS says:

    Can I get the link for this court order? Which court
    passed this order?

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  • Sumanta kundu says:

    Dear sir,
    We have two flats in same housing complex , with single ownership.
    Now RWA claim double maintenance charges since we have two flats .
    So please suggest is it legal or not
    Or we have pay single maintenance charges as single owenership of both the flats

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  • Advocateji says:

    Dear Sumanta Kundu, You are advised to get in touch with any or our legal expert for such an important matter involving money for ever, which should be the correct advise for you.

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