Comment on RWA has to function under MC of CGHS by Hemant Nagam.

Hello Sir,

I am a owner of a land in a gated community in Bangalore, and I am getting a house constructed on that land in the same society.
On Nov-2013, a group of house owners got the community registered under Karnataka RWA 1960.

Since that time onwards, the members of the association are harassing us to pay the monthly maintenance amount(1500/-) from the date prior to the date of registration of society.
We had been conveying , that the demands made by them are not valid, since we never used any facilities(water/sewage/electricity)
from the date prior to the registration of society, for which they had been very rude.

Since we have not agreed to there demands, they had been harassing us by : sending frequent reminder emails, passing comments to ladies in my family, disconnecting water line of our under construction house, talking to my parents rudely over phone whike discussing about maintenance fees.

Apart from this they have are forcing us on following:-
1) No house owner in the society can buy or sell plots and or villas without there prior permission.
2) If the house owner doesn’t pay maintenance on time, they will be penalized in the form of 5% additional amount on maintenance and by stopping water/sewage service for the owner. This has been conveyed to us over email.

Request your valuable suggestions/legal advice on the problems we are facing.


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