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Is the formation of RWA legal under the DCS Rules/Act as applicable in Delhi? As the formation of RWA has been spreading confusing the residents in our Society

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RWA in a co-operative Group Housing Society
Thanks for the valuable advice, I am scared.

RWA in a co-operative Group Housing Society
Your advice dated 17.10.2017 is really confusing. On one side the DCS rule 106(10) says RWA in any format in a CGHS Limited cannot be formed but you seem to be side tracking the issue perhaps due to commercial reasons. Other advice dated 21.10.2017 is also absurd perhaps the question has not been understood. Anyway thanks but do not misguide people.

RWA in a co-operative Group Housing Society
Can a single Member request the Registrar of Cooperative Societies for financial irregularities carried out by Management Committee during the year 2011-12? The relevant section may please be quoted, if it is possible.

RWA in a co-operative Group Housing Society
Name of CGHS: VINAYAK CGHS LIMITED, Sector-10, Plot No. 36, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 (Regn. No. GH 731)
There is duly elected Management Committee in the Society which is functional. But some residents who were defeated in the elections held in May 2016 have formed a “Vinayak Residents Welfare Association” (VRWA) which is against the DCS rule 106(10) but the Members of this illegally formed VRWA obstruct the smooth working of elected Management Committee, they claim that the RWA has been registered. We have lodged many complaints with RCS asking clarifications but some how the RCS has not been issuing any clear cut orders. Your advice is needed what we should do so that the this illegally formed VRWA is prevented from creating hurdles in our society.

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