Comment on Responsibility and remedies for ATM frauds by Tejinder Pal Singh.

I have an account with Axis bank. On 26/11/15 i attempted to withdraw cash at Dev Nagar New Delhi Axis Bank ATM at about 9.30 PM There are two ATMs in the chamber and there was no security guard deployed there. I attempted to withdraw cash at ATM no. 2 as ATM no. 1 was being used by some person. I swiped my card and entered PIN and then the ATM got hanged. I pressed cancelled button twice thrice and shifted to ATM no. 1 which has now got vacated now. I then withdrawn cash Rs. 500 and came out of the chamber. When i reached home, there was another withdrawal transaction of Rs. 20000 done at ATM no. 2 (which was hanged at that time) I lodged police complaint next day and intimated bank. More than one month has lapsed but the bank is not done anything. Kindly let me know what i should now do ? I want the bank to compensate me because the bank knowingly that these kind of frauds are common in nearby area, they did not deploy any security guard. The bank manager told me that due to these kind of fraudulent withdrawals at nearby PNB atm, the bank has now shifted that ATM to another location. It is therefore, the complete negligence on the part of bank that they knowingly all things did not take security measures to protect the ATM.

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