Comment on Responsibility and remedies for ATM frauds by JAYAPRAKASH H N.

Sir, On 03 Oct I went to SBI Uttarqhqlli & took a Token for depositing cash (Rs.25000), after 45 mts when my token number was called I went to the counter and gave the amount and the filled up Pay-in-slip. The Cashier advised me to go to the ATM and deposit the amount. (No where in the bank premises it is displayed “CASH FOR OTHER BRANCHES NOT ACCEPTED HERE). Then I went to the ATM next door, after inserting my card & entering PIN I put the cash10x2000 + 10×500) when indicated. The machine accepted Rs.23000/- one note of RS.2000/- was coming out again and again, on third attempt it was accepted. There are two Cash vending and one depositing machines in that enclosure. On the pretext of helping me to force that Rs.2000/- note a person stood behind me. After the transaction was complete I went away. Only after I got my pass book printed next day I realized that Rs.30000/- has been withdrawn same day. Immediately I went to the SBI Uttarahalli branch and gave them a written complaint as advised by them. After some time the Asst Manager told me to complain to the Police as there is fault of them. Though I complained to the Subramanyapura PS, they say if the money is withdrawn without the card, it is definitely the fault of the machine. I have been shunting betwen the bank and Poiice Station since 04 Oct till date. Kindly advise. Thanking you. Jayaprakash

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