Responsibility for un authorised construction in a co-operative society


It shall be the responsibility of the committee to ensure that the concerned local body is informed timely about any unauthorised construction or encroachment within the common areas.


The managing committee shall take all legal steps to remove the enchroachment and un-authorised construction in the common areas of complex of the co-operative society.

The members of the managing committee are responsible for managing the affairs of the society and are equally responsible.


HOWEVER, if any Society Or RWA want to implement it practically, it is required to contact us and do according to our advice and we assure you, no un-authorised construction can take place and the previous one will be removed on the expense of the defaulting member.

The un-authorised construction even in DDA flats or multistory buildings constructed by the builders are governed by Apartment Ownership Acts and Development authority Act and rules framed there under. If any person is having a problem due to un authorised construction by a neighbor, they should contact the respective authority. If still the problem is not resolved then they should contact us.


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  • abhay shah says:

    if a coop hsg scc ltd situated in mumbai does not have the property card/conveyance on its name, do i still need the society’s permission, a NOC to apply to the MCGM for an NOC to amalgamate two flats with an internal staircase admeasuring 11 feet by 3.5 feet in a building 29 yrs old. do reply asap. thanking you. regards.

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  • un authories construction in society what should have to be done by secretary

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  • Ruchi says:

    If a neighbour is illegally trying to block a common passage area what are the remedies available to stop such encroachment. Also ropes for hanging clothes in the common area (outside the balcony and not in the passage way) can it be considered encroachment?

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  • Rajiv Harish says:

    I am a resident of North Delhi.

    In our CGHS there are lots of illegal contructions and encroachments on large scale. The problem is that these are done by the Office bearers themselves. President, Secretary and other members of RWA are involved in doing illegal constructions, extentions and encroachments in the society…

    Apart from this, there is water theft going on a large scale where the president, secretary and treasurer along with other near and dear ones of them has laid a illegal underground water pipeline through which they are getting water by theft (without meter)into the large tank of the society which suffices the need of the residents of the society with the help of a motor which supplies the water thrice a day for half an hour.

    Another pipe line attached to the meter is the seperate one.

    How can you help me in this regard as the matter is very serious one.

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