Reserved car parking allottee of lovely home cghs ltd


Reserved Car Parking allottee of Lovely Home CGHS Ltd

S.No Flat          Member                Name Phone Number
1.         A101              56                        S.C.Garg         27214145, 27444887
2          A103             208                      B.K. Srivastava
3          A301             246                      Amar Singh Popli 25508534, 9810413743
4          A504            195                        Meenakshi Goel 22426092, 22501621
5          A803            177                       N.K. Kataria 25079643
6           B103            184                        Kunal Mehra
7           B202            232                       M.C.Kochar C/o Amarjeet Kaur 25079219
8           B203             252                      Sajal Kumar Bhadra
9           B205            192                        Surinder Pal Singh Alag 25621899
10         B302           204                       Shakuntla Arora 9899288200
11          B304           138                       Ashok Kumar Aggarwal
12          B401           226                       Rajendra K. Gupta
13           B402           193                      J.B. Ekka
14           B404          173                      R.S. Sahota 9810065447
15            B405           183                     Arvind Aggarwal 22753658
16            B504            157                    S.K. Singh 26519061
17            B703             253                   Vimla Pandey 25079741
18            C101             224                    Brijinder Singh C/o Rajinder Kaur Anand 30975845
19            C104             214                     Pankaj Gupta C/o Saroj Gupta
20            C304             176                    Y.L. Sapra
21              C402              256                   Rajesh Rai 25079622
22             C501              131                     Alok Bansal C/o D.N.Bhandari
23             C503            261                      Ajay Kumar Mahajan 22059469
24            C604              170                     A.K. Verma 9811074610
25            C702            223                       Baldev Raj Nagpal C/o Amit Bhardwaj 9818233348


MORE INFORMATION: The Managing Committee had planned to provide Reserved Car Parking for a price and had put up the proposal before the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The price of One reserved Car Park was to be kept high because it was a one time payment only. The second reason of keeping high price was that only few persons should apply for it. If number of persons will be more then it will become problem to make allotment because then a lottery system had to be adopted. More over why the non applicant should be without money. Let non applicant enjoy the money paid by the applicants for the reserved car parking space.

The price for one car parking was kept as Rs.65000/- payable in 2 instalments. During the start of construction Rs.25000 was demanded as booking amount for reserved car parking under the stilt and later Rs.40,000/- was demanded when the construction was in full swing. At the time of allotment 3-4 parking were still vacant because 2 persons paid booking amount and did not pay the 2nd installment saying that the price is too high. As per terms and conditions of booking, their money was forefeited and reserved car parking under the stilt was sold to other applicants starting from Rs.80,000 to 1.5 Lac also.

Every flat owner having the reserved car parking can sell his car parking to any one else also provided the taker is also a member of the Society.




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  • Kristy says:

    We dont have a list of members who have been allotted car parking. How to ????

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  • Gaur and friends says:

    There are 40 car parking in our society. But till date no body knows to whom these belong. Only the Managing Committee uses it. One a committee member goes out he has to surrender the parking. How to know the truth ???????

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