For Registration for Petents and Trade Marks

To protect their business idea, you have the opportunity to apply for a patent. The patent is one of the most famous commercial rights in India. Patent registration takes place at the patent office in India. Internationally you can apply for a patent and protect your business idea from imitation. Below you can log everything to the Patent Office issues and find out the criteria for registration procedures and patent offices.

The Patent Register at the Patent Office in Detail

The best-known industrial property right for invention, which is the heart of your business idea, is certainly the patent. If you apply for a patent, the patent protects a technical invention for a period of up to 20 years. Within this period, the patent owner enjoys patent protection and receives an exclusive right for the use of his invention, which he did for a patent.

For Patent Registration Documents Required for the Patent Office

If you want to apply for a patent registration in Delhi for an invention in the context of your business idea, then you need to file a patent application where a thorough examination would be conducted by the Patent Office over there. You need to create extensive documentation to apply for a patent registration in Delhi.

Among other things, the following documents are required so that you can register your patent:

• A technical description of your business idea

• Claims (Protection of your patent)

• Drawings of your idea (if necessary)

• A summary of your business idea (no longer than 1,500 characters) and

• Designate an inventor your idea.

• Is to be mentioned that the summary and details of the inventor for your invention even within 15 months from the day can be submitted at which you were applying for a patent.

• A patent application specifically formulated for the Patent Office

For your patent application, the claims are particularly important because it set the scope of your business idea. So; drafting the claims of the patent that should be precise. In particular, the protection to the suitability of technical features of your invention should be listed completely and accurately described in the claims, when you register your patent.

It must satisfy the following criteria in the patent application to justify patent protection:

Novelty of the invention and business idea to the patent office to explain – A patent for an invention meets the criterion of “novelty”, if it is not yet known it should be known before filing the application for patent. Accordingly, the invention should not belong to the known prior art for patent application.


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