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I am secretary of a hsg. scty in mumbai .I gave letter of resignation from the post but, on request of some members i withdrawn my resignation after couple of days …However a week later chairman called the commitee meeting & ignoring my wiyhdrawal letter accepted my resignation despitee of my written objection…Also comittee elected new secretary who signed the notice of AGM before the charge is handover to him by me…Kindly guide me

1. Can my resignation be accepted despite of my withdrawal letter?
2.Is it mandatory for me to handover the charge to new secretary?
3.Can the new secretary sign the notice of AGM since i was not told to Handover the charge even after the date of issuing notice.

Also i will like to inform acceptance of my resignation & discrepancies in Notice of AGM was strongly objected by members before & during AGM which was ignored by committee..

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