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hello sir/madam,

i live in Ahmedabad, we have a society of 9 bungalows small society. we don’t have any elected chairman or secretary. what we do that we collect the maintenance amount in a single payment yearly and we use that money time to time for our maintenance. now the issue is that out of 9 bungalows there are only 4 houses are residential or in which people are living. 5 bungalows are commercialized and given to different play group schools. my issue is that our so called chairman raise the money of maintenance without asking me or use the money any where he want to by making fake bills. he also have the unhealthy support of other 2 members because he share the money with them. Is there any thing i can do about them or to our so called chairman to whom we give our money of maintenance. is there any legal way to prove my point. my family is very under pressure. kindly help.

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