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Sir i am from mumbai, Maharashtra. We are havind 20 members housing society. My question in regards to forming new managing committee by members withought conducting election procedure is valif or petmited byelaws?. Our exiting committee tenure has over and we all managing committee members has resigned in our AGM. Now other members are trying to form new committee by saying that less than 5p membets in society does not required election procedure. How far this is valid. Pleade advice. Hitesh Mistry

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Circulation of Minutes of General Meeting to members
Respected sir, Can you update whether society can charges extra money from the member who has given his or her flat on rent to third person. Other than Non occupancy charges if it has been approved in AGM to charges extra amount from the flat owners who has given their flat on rent under the head additional maintainance charges? Is it allowed in byelaw please update.

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Sir, I am from Mumbai, Having question in regards with Co.op Housing Society matter. In our society we all committee members has resigned in our current AGM held few days back, this is due to mental harassments from some non committee members in the society. Now my question to you is currently no new committee has formed and we have continue for notice period of one month. During this period other members of society are pressing us to release non routine capital expenses for big amount for society. Since we have resigned and do we suppose to pay such non recurring capital nature expenses which has been approved by non members and not the committee? Kindly advice for this regards. Thanks Hitesh

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Dear Sir, sorry I forgot to mentioned from which state I am writing. I am from Maharashtra, Mumbai. Just 5 minutes before I have post my query. Please make note for this. Regards

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Dear Sir, I have got one query in regard with if in Co.op.Hsg Society if all the committee members resigned in current AGM. No new committee has firmed now and we have been continue for a month notice period and during this time non committee members are forcing us to pay the non regular bid capital expenses and asking us to make the payment such big amount non regular expenses. Should we authorised to make such payment after our resignation? please update what should we do. We are also not in favour to make such non recurring capital expense payment. Please advice.

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