Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by Mahesh Nair.

The managing committee is trying to do dictator style ruling in the society.They do not follow the by-laws and arrogantly behave with those who questions about their wrong doing. They are spending society fund without GB approval. Since, the revision in monthly maintenance charge was not passed in the last AGM, I am not giving the revised charge but is paying as per old rate. They have even got passed a resolution that I should not write any letters to them and even if I sent, the same will be ignored. Complaints were lodged to Dy. Registrar and Commissioner & Registrar along with documentary evidences from Oct. 2015 onwards but of no use.

Further, recently my cycle was stolen from the society though there were security guards but the MC is washing off their hands as they are claiming that after handing over the camera footage, their duty is over. Kindly let me know whose responsibility is to get me the compensation.

Pls provide your guidance on the above.

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