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I too have a complaint of being asked to pay 50000 for getting my flat transfered in my name by the Managing Committee. I’ve submitted the papers on Sunday 28th August 2016 they told me to wait as they will discuss amongst each other and reply if they will follow the bye-laws or not. I have been asking them since Tuesday that is yesterday and yet I’ve not received any feedback or reply pls suggest what can I do now.

Pls help me it’s urgent and it’s matter of my life as I need it to be transferred for some purpose

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Annual general body meeting of co-operative society
Ive purchased a flat in a society in mira road the builder sold this flat to investor and I took it from the investor. But the builder has a compulsion of paying 700/sqft if the flat needed to be transfered to the third party but the investor. I paid the winter amount and didn’t required an NOC I did not get the flat transfered at that time. But now the society being formed I submitted my transfer documents to the Managing Committee for transfer. The have not done it saying they want 50000 for the transfer or else they will not do it. 2 or 3 people were admired as members recently who paid 50000 but my case is neither closed nor any answer is being communicated to me.

Today our AGM was called but is was not allowed to be a part of it saying I’m not the member of the society. It’s been 29 days since I’ve submitted my papers and yet because of their evilness they are not doing my work another person (owner of a flat of my same inveator) who paid 50000 recently was allowed in the meeting saying that we are going to introduce him as a member so he can stay.

My question what can I do in this case and what are my options to stay quite ans pay 50000 as demanded or to fight. If fight then what is the best possible way and possible solution.

Pls help me if possible and as soon as possible.

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