Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by gurunathauti.

Dear Sir,

I request you take the action of my society commite whose are not take care the attention of
society clean up . I am staying at ground floor. Resident of the top floor in this society is throwing garbage
from their window and unnacessary substance. Also they are not maintaing drainage water.
The sweeper is not coming on regularly.
I frequently complaint to society about the same problem.but they are not taking care.

Due to this we are suffering from mosquito and with bed smell.
Small children are getting ill. Also having the chances of Maleria and dengu.

So i Kindly request you take the proper action of the society ASAP

A-004/ Karmasandesh Building
New Jantan Housing Society(Hinganwala Lane)
Pantnagar Ghatkoper East
Mumbai 400077

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