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I am a resident in Ghaziabad and the RWA where I live, got itself registered with the Registrar of societies three years back and for the past three years there has been NO election and also the BYE LAWS are very old from 2003 and the current governing body does not want to get the NEW BYE LAWS registered and neither anyone else is being concerned. Without the new bye laws they have incurred heavy renovation work and all the work was done without any General Body meeting, all the decisions are being taken behind closed doors and heavy renovation is work appears to be only being incurred to make some personal profits.

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Co-operative Society and RWA not doing proper maintenance
Dear Sir, I am a resident of Kaushambi in NCR Ghaziabad. Being a resident of Kaushambi in NCR Ghaziabad, are we supposed to follow the Delhi Apartment Ownership Rules – 1987 ?
Secondly the Apartment in Kaushambi NCR that I reside in ;
The building maintenance has gotten from bad to worse and we residents have decided to firstly get the apartment registered.
For the same when and after putting pressure on the [un-registered] Resident governing body the account statements was asked of the past 5 years, what they provided seems absolutely hyped and [prima facie] appears fabricated and is also not done via Chartered Accountant CA.
The deadline provided by various residents to the governing body for provision of account and other expenses will be expiring soon.
We wish to get the apartment registered because of the urgent repairs that are needed to be performed but at the same time there appears to be a severe mismanagement of funds and NOW what options do the resident have ??

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