Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by Smita pillai.

I am resident of pune- shivane,society name is greencity. I have been living here since 3 yrs.society chairman secretary & other committee members are extremely indecent and abusive in their language and behavior. There are no monthly meetings conducted and they target those residents who do not support them.the recent issue is that the chairman for no reason and without any verbal or written information has asked the lady who cleans garbage not to clear our bin. This was told to us when we confronted the lady. We are not confronting the chairman as he did not inform us. Moreover my parents are senior citizens and I am a working lady and do not want a spat with that indecent man. We are too stressed as the garbage is all over the place on our floor. Dogs tear apart the trash bag which messes the place. Please advise where to complaint against this and what action should be taken

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