Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by Ronak Vora.

Dear Sir,

I have a flat in Pune and we are really facing issues with our committee which was formed 2 years back. We have tried to get a solutions but they have imposed so many restrictions which are not acceptable by most of the people staying out of society. In our society, out of 84 flats, 70 % is rented out and most of them don’t come for meetings . Society has imposed below restrictions and they are not ready to negotiate for the same.

1. Payment to be done only via depositing the cheque at Society office. No Neft/ Rtgs/ Cash allowed to be deposited. If cheque dont come they impose fine of Rs 500/-.

2. No bachelors are allowed in society. when we object they informed that this decision are taken in AGM which is not true as i was present in the AGM. They have issued notices on Society letter head to all the owners to remove bachelors from the society 6 months before AGM.

3. They are charging 20 % maintenance extra from rented flat owners stating that this was agreed in AGM and cannot be changed. Whereas as per the Society act maximum can be charges is 10%.

4. Earlier we have a Gmail Group and Wats app Group of all society members, they have removed everyone from them stating that rented flat owners are demoralizing them and creating hindrance for the society. They are not ready to accept any emails from us and doing as per there intensions.

I would request to guide me properly how we should go ahead as and are we allowed to oppose above points or they are correct in what they are doing.

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