Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by ASHOK SHANKAR.

Our Former construcion Committee (1996-2006)has built a Society Bldg.while doing this they have not taken PLINTH CERTIFICATE,due that Muncipal Corp. has fined Rs.50-thousand each for all 40 members.The said committe had done fradulant work as under:
1)Former Voice President has owned a flat of someone members on his wifes’ name,by fradulent costing about Rs.55-lakhs .
2) Said commitee has also not done AUDIT for the bank transaction made about Rs.22-lakhs in the year 1997-2003 as the records of the same were not maintained.Said fact raised by AUDITOR in his Audit report in 2003-04,but said committee has also ignore the same. Till no Audit done.
3) Last committee(2010-14) has built a illegal shade on TERRACE and expended Rs.5.50 lakhs. Now,Municpal Corp. has order to remove the said Shade, otherwise OC will not sanctioned.For removal of the shade Rs.2-lakhs expenses recovered from Society members.

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