Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by Premlata Maheshwari.

One of my guest wrongly parked the car in the neighbours parking which came on the Society wats app group and the matter was immediately corrected the moment noticed ( within 15-20 min).
The Secretary sent a notice of fine of Rs 1000/-.As a Member we requested to give a hearing before charging a fine .No response from MC and the amount is added in monthly bill and sent.
There are number of cases of such small irregularities in parking like wrong parking ,no stickers ,outside car parking etc happened in past but I am being targeted to fine so heavily that too without giving the opportunity of being heard.Considering Bye Law 165 can a Managing Committee harass a Member like this ?.What are the course of action available to me as a Member?.Further the Managing Committee Member use very stringent statement warning members on the Wats app group like policing the society .Can a Managing Committee police the society Members though the irregularities are very small ,unintentional and Members are by and large are disciplined .How to control the personal prejudice of the Managing Committee Member?

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