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I had written this on 27/02/2017..but had failed to login due to some work commitments and poor network since I was travelling.. My issue is I am covered under Maharashtra housing society and society has not disclosed accounts to us for past 5 years and not held any AGM for 3 years. I have been paying maintainance every year and from past 6 months I have stopped paying maintainance because society is not ready to show accounts and hence now they have issued letter saying recovery of maintainance dues under section 101 of society act. what are the options available for me please let me know

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Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member
I am covered under Maharashtra Housing society laws. My society has not shown accounts from past 5 years and have not called for AGM for past 3 years. The building is still with developer as chairman and secretary is from builders office. We had formed an Adhoc committee which was supposed to solve all queries and take over building. but they have failed in their duties and now have colluded with builders and trying to extract money from members under something or the other expense head. Please suggest something as there is lot of misappropriation of accounts happening

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