Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by MUKESH KUMAR THAKUR.

our existing executive committee of society not holding election but taken continuance of existing executive committee for next year. as per by laws tenure is one year. they are into 2016-17 (second term oct 16 to oct 17) and first term was for 2015-16 (Oct 15 to oct 16). renewal of society was due on 20.07.2016. For renewal of society they are showing 2016-17 (second term as 1st terms ) and previous committee term as 2015-16 ( actually it was 2014-15) so that NOC can be given and can continue without election and get renewal of registration of society also.

Can we file complaint to registrar and ask for interefere…to hold election etc

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