Comment on Registrar can order inspection of Society on complaint of 1 member by suresh shetty.

Sir , i am from Mumbai , my society secretary and chairman is desperately delayig the very very urgent repair work of the building ( one part of the building facing rd ) , two pillar( beams ) are very very weak , huge cracks on the beams from bottom to top .On several request to society MC , strectural audit has been done after two months of request from us , even the aduit report is not shown to the members , as per the information , buidling need very very urgent beam repair as per new audit report on SOS bases ( it is under critical condition , advicied not to stay in building effected side ), but MC is delaying despirately ( reason not known – their is previous history of old MC and new MC dispute and egos

i am the one of the effected member , how to tackel the issue legally , pls advice
ultimately we can not risk on our life
thanking you

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